Blogger Secret Santa!

If you’re a regular reader you will probably know that there are three bloggers that I would consider my besties and we regularly make time to see each other. Of course I’m talking about Lora, Rachael and Sophie! This year we wanted to do something extra special and do a secret santa between the four of us. As we speak nearly every single day, I’d say we’re pretty well equip to purchase things for each other! Saying that there are certain serial spenders in the group who I would have had to think long and hard about what they didn’t already own.

The one person I knew instantly what I would buy if I got them was Lora and it was just my luck that I drew her name! I feel like we all actually picked the name that we actually had ideas for so it worked really really well! My name was pulled out by Rachael, who has tried and tested more makeup than I would know what to do with so I knew I was onto a winner! Each of us have written a blog post explaining what I got so if you’re nosy then please check out the other girls posts!

Now, onto the good stuff and what Rach decided to pick up for me! First up was a ‘pug in a mug’ tea diffuser. You’re probably aware that I am obsessed with dogs, pugs and pug crosses in particular, and I’ve also started drinking tea a lot more at work so this is perfect! I’m going to pick up some loose leaf mint tea to keep in my locker at work so I can continue to be the crazy pug lady that they already know! IMG_0575.jpg

The next thing I opened was the Zoeva Caramel Melange palette which I had been eyeing up for ages! I already own the Cocoa Blend palette and, taking everything into consideration, I think that may be my favourite palette EVER. With this in mind, I was so excited to try this new palette out as the colours are even more up my street and I know I love the formula. It’s safe to say that it didn’t disappoint and I absolutely love it. I would 100% recommend picking it up and I’m just pleased to have been able to add some more Zoeva to my collection!

As if those two items wasn’t enough, Rachael also added a makeup geek single shadow into the bag in the shade Voltage, a gorgeous duochrome gold shade. I didn’t think I’d actually tried any of the makeup geek shadows before until I remembered that Rach also gifted me the foiled shade ‘Houdini’ earlier on this year. I’ve been really really impressed with the quality of the shadows so far and Voltage is such a versatile shade to own. I have reached for this as an inner corner highlight so many times now and I absolutely love it!

Thank you so much to Rachael for picking so well! I love everything she bought but to be honest, all the gifts were lovely and I think the four of us did really really well! If you’d like to see what I bought for Lora then click here. Don’t forget to also check out what Lora bought Sophie (here) and what Sophie bought Rachael (here). Have you taken part in a secret santa this year? If so what did you get?

Much Love


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6 thoughts on “Blogger Secret Santa!

  1. The pug tea infuser is so cute and that eyeshadow palette looks beautiful -a nice combo of shimmers and mattes! I put my name down for Secret Santa at work and staff are having breakfast and exchanging gifts this Friday x

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  2. Yay! I’m so glad you liked your palette, I must admit when they arrived it was the one I was most in love with but it was also the one I thought would pair best with what you already had. That Liquid Caramel shade in the top right is so pretty!
    Voltage is my favourite makeup geek shade, so I’m glad you like it so far, it works really well with every palette as an intense inner corner highlight and mine’s had so much love this year!

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