What I Got For Christmas 2017 |Beauty

So I don’t think i’ve done a ‘what I got for Christmas’ post before but I LOVE reading them so thought I’d add my offering into the mix as a lot of you said that you enjoy reading them too! I’ve only included beauty items in this post as I thought it made sense to keep things in categories. There might be another addition with ‘other’ items but who knows as my blogging schedule has been pretty non existent lately!

Tom was the contributor of most of these beauty items I believe so I’ll start with what he got me! First up was a new highlighter from Becca in the shade BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter“>Moonstone, I’ve had Opal before and absolutely loved it, but believe it or not, I’ve nearly finished the entire thing and fancied trying out a new shade. Moonstone is a tiny bit lighter than Opal but it still has the wonderfully soft texture that I love! He also picked me up a couple of bits and bobs from Glam Glow as I am fast becoming their biggest fan! Of course another mask was on the cards seeing as I am obsessed with the other versions that I’ve tried, I chose the GLAMGLOW Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment“>PowerMud mask this time and after using it once, I’m certainly impressed!

The next item from Glam Glow was their new GlowSetter setting spray. This comes in an amazing hot pink bottle and produces the finest mist I’ve ever seen from a setting spray! There’s a full review to come but I have absolutely loved using this so far! Finally from Tom, he knows how obsessed I get with blackheads and picked me up a Electric Pore Cleaner from the brand Etereauty. This is such a weirdly satisfying little device and I’ve seen some pretty good results straight off the bat so I’ll keep you posted with how good it ends up being!

My Mum & Dad got me a couple of sets as stocking fillers and to go alongside my main present and I was so pleased with what she chose! In my stocking, I found an Urban Decay Little Liquid Vices set which sadly now seems to be out of stock everywhere! It contains four deluxe mini liquid lipsticks in the shades Back Talk, Amulet, Purgatory and Crimson. These shades are to die for and I was really impressed with the formula actually! I wore Crimson on Christmas Day and it was perfect! The other set they bought me was from MAC and it came from their Snow Ball collection! The Snow Ball Mascara kit comes in a gorgeous pewter coloured makeup bag with a little disco ball on the zip and inside is their False Lash Maximiser, False Lash Mascara and Clear Brow Set. I was really impressed with the three products and Mum had managed to find some of the only MAC products I haven’t tried!

My Grandparents kindly gifted me my absolute favourite perfume J’adore Dior in a huge 75ml bottle. This is a pricey perfume that I actually managed to get discounted for them at my local World Duty Free airport sale! With careful usage, this will hopefully last me until next Christmas, or at least my birthday in October!

Alongside some gin (obviously) my bestie Emily got me a deluxe mini of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I convinced her to buy herself one of these when we were in the states as it’s up there as one of my favourite mascaras ever! I’m so pleased to be able to use this again as I haven’t bought it for myself in a while!

My brother got me Benefit’s ‘Date Night With Mr. Right‘ set which included a mini Rockateur blush, Watts Up! cream highlighter, They’re Real! Mascara and one of the new They’re Real! lipsticks. I’ve not tried the new lip products yet so I was excited to get hold of one! I wore it on Boxing Day and I really like both the formula and the ombre effect that it gives!

Finally, the last beauty items came from Tom’s parents who know that I adore makeup! The main gift was one of the Stylpro brush cleaners which I was so pleased to see under the tree! I’m not going to give anything away with this one and I’m going to save it for a full review in the new year! To run alongside the theme, they got me the Real Techniques  Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush which is one of those brushes I did not know I NEEDED until I’d tried it! I absolutely love it and I now want to try and get some more brushes from the Bold Metals collection! Again, running with the theme, I also got a bottle of the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel which smells absolutely amazing! Finally, I got a new bottle of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish which I’ve had before and love!

I was so spoilt by everyone this year and there are so many new beauty things here for me to try and review! Let me know what you’re most interested to hear about and what your favourite gift was this Christmas! I hope you had a lovely time on Christmas Day and got to spend some quality time with your loved ones!

Much Love


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14 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas 2017 |Beauty

  1. How have you almost finished Becca Opal?!! Mine still looks new after having it for more than a year… 😮
    Is giving gin for Christmas a thing that Brits do? I noticed that Rachael also received some…
    Enjoy all your goodies!

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  2. You definitely have family members that are beauty insiders too! 🙂 Will be waiting on the review on the StylPro brush cleanser.
    Btw, gorgeous photos!

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    Phoebe xo



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