Glamglow Mini Series: BubbleSheet

Hello, long time no speak! It feels strange that although January seemed to drag on longer than anything else, it feels only 2 minutes since I last wrote a blog post! That aside, I’ve been posting on Instagram quite regularly and A LOT of those posts have featured one brand: Glamglow! I asked if anyone would be interested in a mini series and quite a few people said yes so here we are, finally starting it!

The first in the mini series is a post all about the Glamglow BubbleSheet mask! I picked it up during a promotional offer Glamglow were holding where any purchase earned you four deluxe sized samples. I hadn’t really heard anything about this mask when I bought it but it is relatively new to the Glamglow range so I think that might be why. The mask retails for £7, which is pretty pricy for a single use sheet mask, but Glamglow is notoriously pretty expensive so I guess it’s to be expected!IMG_0789

The mask is marketed as a weekly oxygenated deep cleansing mask that is infused with charcoal. I think £7 weekly is pretty expensive but as a skin treat it’s not too bad. The packaging is pretty typical of a sheet mask but I do really like the monochrome colour scheme and that the branding is very synonymous of the of the other Glamglow products, simple yet chic.

Removing the mask from the packet, it’s clear that it’s a very saturated black sheet mask and once unfolded and placed on the face I found it to fit really well and have eye, mouth and nose holes cut in the perfect places unlike a lot of other masks I’ve tried. Another thing I like was that it adhered to the skin perfectly and did not slip and slide around like other masks. IMG_0782_Fotor

The mask is only meant to be kept on for a surprisingly short 3 minutes, in which time it is meant to ‘bubble up’. I was quite impressed with how many bubbles did form on the mask and it did add a really funny level of enjoyment to the mask treatment. IMG_0784_FotorAfter three minutes, you are supposed to remove the mask and rub the residual product on your face into a lather. This is to get a deeper clean on the skin and remove any final bits of makeup and dirt from the skins surface. Finally, all that’s left to do is to wash the remaining product off the skin and then pat the skin dry. IMG_0785_Fotor

In terms of the process, I really enjoyed it. It was quick enough that I didn’t have to set aside a stupid length of time for it and could be used as part of even the busiest schedules! I did feel like it was expensive to only use for 3 minutes though but I honestly don’t think that would put me off buying another one in the future.

My skin felt the cleanest it had felt in years and my skin was both soft and hydrated and had a plumped up look that I really liked. I noticed these effects instantly and they then lasted for a couple of days afterwards. I had no negative effects or breakouts and my skin felt in perfect balance! It really did feel like a detox for my skin. Out of all the Glamglow masks i’ve tried (and i’ve tried most of them!!) I would honestly say that this is my favourite! I think it’s worth the £7 for a treat but I wouldn’t use it weekly.

I’m going to say i’ll probably give this a 9/10, only knocking a point of for the value for money aspect of this product.

I hope you enjoyed the first in this mini series and I hope you’ll keep an eye out for the rest of them which will hopefully come in the next few weeks. Have you tried this bubble mask yet or do you think you might give it a try in the future?

Much Love


2 thoughts on “Glamglow Mini Series: BubbleSheet

  1. This looks like FUN! 😛
    I haven’t tried a bubble mask per se but I used a mousse mask from “Too Cool for School” which does have bubbles and when the bubbles dissipates, they TICKLE my face! I kept wanting to itch my face… 😆

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