Glam Glow Dupes?! – L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks

Face masks seem to be absolutely everywhere at the moment with brands from all price ranges battling it out to try and have the best offering on the shelves. A popular favourite (and one of mine too!) is Glam Glow, but at £42 a pot, they’re not exactly purse friendly! A little while ago now, L’Oreal brought their own range to the table in the form of the Pure Clay masks and at around £5.99 a tub, I was keen to try some to see how they compared to my beloved Glam Glow.

I have managed to try three of the formulas: Blemish Rescue, Glow and Detox. The one I picked up first ,and is probably my most used, is the Blemish Rescue. It’s a bright blue smooth clay that makes you look a little like a reject from the Smurfs and claims to clear and unclog your skin. It contains 3 different clays and some marine algae extract (whatever that is) and has a really fresh spa like scent that is not too over powering! You only need to apply a thin layer and leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes. I’m really pleased to say that I have genuinely noticed a difference in my skin when I use this! It leaves my skin looking clearer, feeling softer and any blemishes look calmer and less red. For me, any clay mask that doesn’t dry your skin to bits is also a complete winner and this leaves my skin feeling perfectly balanced!

IMG_0324.jpgNext up is the Glow mask and again, this is another real winner for me. Clearly I like the ‘algae’ masks as this one contains red algae (again not sure what this is particularly). It is targeted at dull, uneven skin types with the aim to brighten and exfoliate. I wouldn’t say my skin is dull but it can definitely be uneven so I use this to give my skin a bit of a scrub when its needing a bit of a pick me up. The texture is slightly gritty but is quite thick like the other clay masks and a little does go a long way! Again, a thin layer is all you need and I would recommend leaving it on for the 10-15 minutes, before using a warm damp flannel to remove it. It is a manual exfoliator rather than a chemical one so the removal is actually when the exfoliating comes into play. I can’t really say I noticed my skin looking brighter, but it definitely felt softer, smoother and generally in better condition.

Finally, the detox mask, and this is probably the most directly comparable to a Glam Glow mask! It’s very similar in appearance and description to the Supermud Mask but comes in at a fraction of the price! This mask contains charcoal alongside the clays and is targeted at congested normal skin to cleanse and clarify. As with all the masks, this one smells lovely but has a more masculine scent to it compared to some of the others. The masks are targeted at men and women so I like the fact the scents aren’t overly feminine. I did find this to be the most drying of the bunch and for that reason I haven’t used it as much to be honest. My skin is some weird combination of dry and dehydrated and a bit oily at the same time if that is even possible so I just felt that, unlike the other two, this one left it feeling a little bit unbalanced. To be fair though, I do find that with Supermud too so I would say these are best used in targeted areas as opposed to all over the face.

The L’Oreal masks (like Glam Glow) are designed with multi-masking in mind so you could use more than one and target the different needs in the different areas of your face. I would definitely say that the Detox and Supermud masks are pretty comparable to be honest, the main difference being that Supermud gives the skin a nice tingling sensation whereas Detox does not. Otherwise, I’d say they are pretty damn similar!

If I could only pick one mask from these three though, it would 100% be the Blemish Rescue! It’s genuinely a lovely product to use on the skin and the tub has lasted me well over 10 uses so far so I would imagine I could easily get somewhere between 15-20 uses for £5.99 which is a complete bargain! I also love the simplistic packaging and branding and I feel like L’Oreal have done a great job producing this line! There are a couple of other masks in the range but I have yet to try those – watch this space!

Have you tried any of the L’Oreal masks? Which one is your favourite? Let me know if you try any of these out!

Much Love


9 thoughts on “Glam Glow Dupes?! – L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks

  1. I have the same 3 as you and I love them! Blemish is definitely my favourite too, I think it’ll be featuring in my next empties post ☹ and the detox mask was one of the first reviews I posted on my blog last year! Blemish is my favourite but I love the way the detox mask looks when it’s dry, with all of the darker parts showing where the oil has been removed, just like the glam glow one! My least favourite is definitely the glow mask, I don’t reach for it very often at all as I feel like it isn’t really a mask, as like you said, the benefits really come when you rub the little beads into your skin. They’ve since released the sugar scrub ones that I’m curious to try too! Have you tried any of those? 💖

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  2. Amazing review! 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about trying these masks for ages! I think I’ll give them a go, especially the blemish rescue, that seems to be my biggest skincare problem at the moment! I love that you’ve compared them to Glam Glow – I’m sure Glam Glow is great, but I can’t face breaking the bank with their masks when there are clearly other very good masks that don’t!

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  3. Great review – I’ve added the Supermud to my shopping list! I love GlamGlow too but it’s so expensive. I never know what will irritate my skin at the moment either. This has really made me want to try these! X

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  4. I have tried the Detox and Purity mask, and the detox is by far my favourite I totally agree with the drying effect. I really want to get a hold of the Blemish mask as it sounds so good and will be great for my skin X

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