Festival Fashion with Boohoo

Festival fashion is always one of the biggest trends each summer, with it getting brighter and more bedazzled every year. I love seeing all the glitter and the bold colours, but I often think that those outfits will wind up back in the wardrobe at the end of the weekend, not to be seen until festival season the following year. Surely there should be a way to make festival fashion include pieces that can be worn all year round? I’ve picked a few items from Boohoo.com to show you my spin on the trend and what I would be wearing if I had been heading off to a festival this year.

With the weather being so warm this year, a festival outfit would surely not be suitable without a good pair of shorts. I always opt for a high waisted pair as I feel like they are more flattering for me. I’ve seen so many people wearing distressed black shorts this summer and I found these Hetty High Rise Distressed Denim Mom Shorts* which are absolutely perfect. They fit well and flatter my figure, yet they don’t make me feel like my blood circulation is being cut off at my thighs. They are also every so slightly longer than every other pair of shorts i’ve tried on and I find them much more comfortable to wear! Sadly they seem to be out of stock now but Boohoo’s Festival category has plenty of other pairs to see you through the hot weather!IMG_1732

To pair with the shorts, I wanted to go for a slightly different style top to those i’ve seen at festivals. I wanted to incorporate the floral trend into the outfit along with including some flared sleeves as they make any outfit feel instantly more summery. The Printed Lace Up Flare Sleeve Blouse* ticked all the boxes for me with the peplum style trim and the lace up detailing on the bust and the bright red floral print kept it feeling bold and festival appropriate. IMG_1744

I loved how the two items paired together and for simplicity, I completed the outfit with my Havaianas and some round French Connection sunglasses. If I was to dress it up a bit more, i’d probably wear some heeled black sandals as during the summer months I only have flip flops or heeled sandals as footwear options as I like to keep my feet cool!

Let me know what you think of the outfit and whether or not you are going to a festival this year. If you are, what kind of outfits are you planning?

Much love


*Items received as PR


8 thoughts on “Festival Fashion with Boohoo

  1. Love this outfit, especially the top, it’s so pretty✨ I’m off to a festival at the end of July. The only glitter I’ll be wearing will be makeup, no point in buying sequinned clothes I won’t wear for another year x

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