What I’m rocking on my… Hands?!?!

I can hear you all now… ‘What is she on about?!’ But hear me out! I thought I’d do a little post on my jewellery and nail polish faves at the moment. And I have two options for you to have a gander at!  As a little side note, please forgive my awful camera work…Continue reading “What I’m rocking on my… Hands?!?!”

My February Favourites

Every month, the internet is scattered with monthly favourite blog posts or youtube videos and this is something I have been dying to take part in for years and years. So, now I have a blog, here goes nothing! I have just rediscovered two old favourites in my nail varnish collection and boy do IContinue reading “My February Favourites”

The Sports Wear Low-Down

So as promised a quick post on all that sports wear I bought prior to doing any exercise. My first purchase was a pair of PlayerLayer Black Women’s Leggings. They have recently redesigned their leggings and i’m telling you, they’re comfy! These retail for £49.50 and are available to buy from http://playerlayer.com you can even have themContinue reading “The Sports Wear Low-Down”

The start of a fitness journey…

As cliche as the title sounds, its probably an apt description of my attempt to start a journey into the world of fitness. An even bigger cliche is how my decision to try and get fitter came about: think New Years Day, New Start and all that crap. The truth is I don’t want toContinue reading “The start of a fitness journey…”