The Busiest Saturday!

I fancied changing it up a bit today and thought I’d share a lifestyle post for you! I just felt like writing something a bit different as I was having a bit of a mental block and I was thinking back to a Saturday at the start of June (The 4th to be precise) andContinue reading “The Busiest Saturday!”

Winning An Award & Getting a Puppy?!

Hi guys, I thought it was time for another little life update. I have to say that so far, 2016 has been one of my most successful and fun years to date! It really has started with a bang what with securing my internship and finally heading over to the states! I wanted to writeContinue reading “Winning An Award & Getting a Puppy?!”

A quick update!

Hey Guys! First of all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year! We had a lovely time in our house, however, as per usual it has all gone by way too fast for my liking!! I wanted to give you a little update as to what I’ve been up to as IContinue reading “A quick update!”

Little Life Update!

I honestly cannot believe that it has been a week since I last posted! Ideally I want to post everyday but clearly that is just not happening at the moment!! I thought I would do a short little post to let you know what’s been going on and to explain why posts may be aContinue reading “Little Life Update!”

How To Calm Travel Anxiety

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I get really anxious about a lot of things and the process of travelling is one of them. I worry about getting ill abroad; not knowing what it will be like when I get there and even just the whole process of being away from home. ThisContinue reading “How To Calm Travel Anxiety”

Guest Blogger Week: Day 3: Ana’s Top 10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down!

10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down Hello there, Ana here from the blog Ravishing Roses. I hope that you are all enjoying the lovely Molly’s guest blogger week! Today I thought that I would give you 10 ideas of things to do when you’re a little down in the dumps. Everyone has thoseContinue reading “Guest Blogger Week: Day 3: Ana’s Top 10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down!”

Post Results Clothing Haul Treats!

Okay, so not the catchiest title I have ever come up with but I sums up exactly what happened on Saturday. I constantly fluctuate between jean sizes and I never seem to have a pair that fits perfectly. I have a small waist and short-ish legs but my actual legs are probably normal size forContinue reading “Post Results Clothing Haul Treats!”

University Update: End of First Year

I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but I have completely finished my first year as a University student! The time has literally flown by and I am at a bit of a loss as to how to fill my days now my friends have all gone back to their home towns. If youContinue reading “University Update: End of First Year”

How To Rock The Rose Gold Trend!

I have loved the rose gold trend ever since it started and I know this post is a little late in regards to the trend, I thought I would tell you my top ways of getting a bit of rose gold into your life! Eyes – Rose gold is such a stunning colour to pop onContinue reading “How To Rock The Rose Gold Trend!”

5 Places I am Dying to Visit!

I love travelling to new places and being able to talk to people about places I have seen. I think a well travelled person is someone who is very interesting to talk to and often has a lot to add to conversations. This is coming from someone who is still yet to leave the continentContinue reading “5 Places I am Dying to Visit!”