Travel Tips |Flying Solo!

I’ve had the title of this post in my drafts, along with an abundance of other travel posts, for about four months now and it’s time I got my act together! I am a nervous flyer and I have no idea where that actually came from! My mum was an air hostess and I alwaysContinue reading “Travel Tips |Flying Solo!”

How To Grow Your Instagram |600 New Followers in Under 4 Months!

I posted on Twitter the other day how proud I was of how much my Instagram has grown this year! I started March with just under 400 followers and I’m now sitting at just under 1000. So many people commented saying they’d love to know how I’d done it and some tips and trips forContinue reading “How To Grow Your Instagram |600 New Followers in Under 4 Months!”

Feel Unique’s Sample Service!

The other day, I read a blog post all about the Feel Unique sample service. Having never heard about it before, I headed over to the website to see what all the fuss was about and oh my goodness, how happy am I!? It’s too good a service not to share so I thought I’llContinue reading “Feel Unique’s Sample Service!”

10 Reasons To Apply For An Internship Now!

So you’re in your penultimate year year at uni, everything’s ticking along fine but what are you going to do after your degree is done or even this summer? This time last year I was in the same position, but I had always known I wanted to do an internship so I set about applying!Continue reading “10 Reasons To Apply For An Internship Now!”

The Travel Diaries: Tenerife September 2016!

I thought Sunday required a nice chilled out post so let me transport you to the Canary Islands for a few minutes for some sun, sea and relaxation. I got to spend 8 lovely days in Costa Adeje in southern Tenerife with Tom last month and I wanted to give you some hints and tipsContinue reading “The Travel Diaries: Tenerife September 2016!”

Guest Blogger Week: Day 7: Lucie’s Festival Beauty Essentials!

Hello Everyone! This is my first ever guest post & I am ridiculously excited to be writing for The Rose Beauty Files. Molly was one of the first bloggers I started speaking to back when I set up my blog in April so it’s really lovely to be writing a post for her blog. FestivalContinue reading “Guest Blogger Week: Day 7: Lucie’s Festival Beauty Essentials!”

Guest Blogger Week: Day 3: Ana’s Top 10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down!

10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down Hello there, Ana here from the blog Ravishing Roses. I hope that you are all enjoying the lovely Molly’s guest blogger week! Today I thought that I would give you 10 ideas of things to do when you’re a little down in the dumps. Everyone has thoseContinue reading “Guest Blogger Week: Day 3: Ana’s Top 10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down!”

Top Tips For The Perfect Smoky Eye Look

When I was younger, I felt like the words ‘smoky eye’ were limited just to dark greys and blacks. How wrong I was! A smoky eye can be any colour palette that suits you, but there are definitely a few tips that I have learnt over the years that ensure a perfect smoky eye eachContinue reading “Top Tips For The Perfect Smoky Eye Look”

Face of The Day: How to Wear Bright Blusher

So it’s really warm in England today and couple that with my skin having improved dramatically over the last few weeks, I decided to do my makeup slightly differently today. I very rarely wear anything other than Benefit Coralista as blush, which is something you are probably aware of by now, but today I wantedContinue reading “Face of The Day: How to Wear Bright Blusher”

How I’m Keeping My Skin Clearer During Exams!

 There have been 3 things I’ve been using recently to try and keep my skin that bit clearer throughout the stress that is exam time! I thought I’d share them with you in case any of you are battling with exam time skin too! Cleansing Balms – this applies to all rather than just theContinue reading “How I’m Keeping My Skin Clearer During Exams!”