Spring Lip Picks

Hello you lovely lot, I’m Sophie from Sophie in Wonderland xo! Thank you to the fabulous Molly for letting me guest post on her blog!

Today I wanted to share with you the lipstick picks I’ve chosen for the Spring season, now that it is in full swing and the sunshine has finally arrived.

I love switching up my makeup looks when the seasons change and my spring switch up includes a collection of both high end and drugstore choices, featuring pinks, roses and nudes.

Spring Lip Picks Sophie In Wonderland for Rose Beauty Files.jpg

First up the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm is a gorgeous peach toned brown nude that dries matte and feels so comfortable to wear. It has a moussey texture and it is a very affordable drugstore option.

The Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Ecstasy is a beautiful matte lilac. These last so long on the lips and it really channels the pastel trend for spring. A more expensive but still affordable pick available from Beauty Bay.

Another great nude is the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in Rock n Roll Nude which is a pink toned nude with a comfortable sheen finish and, as it’s a drugstore pick, it’s super affordable. Not to mention the rose gold packaging is gorgeous!

MAC Brave is a muted mauve pink which is a gorgeous pink for spring and with it’s Satin finish it gives a lovely look for everyday wear.

The Urban Decay Comfort Matte in Heartless is a beautiful rose pink and really is the epitome of spring. This is more of a high end choice it is so worth it from the comfort of the formula to the beautiful metal packaging.

Another high end choice and one on everyone’s wish list is Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace. A vintage tea rose pink, this is such a comfortable matte to wear all day and the packaging is just to die for.

Spring Lips Swatches.jpg

So those are my picks for spring! What colours are on your spring menu? I’d love to know your choices in the comments below!

Thank you Molly for letting me guest post on your blog and thank you to you lovely readers for reading my post!

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Signature Photo March 2017


An Attempt At Good Photography|Blog Soc Photography Workshop

So photography is definitely something that I feel lets me down on this blog. It’s not something i’m very good at, nor have I read much about it so you could say i’m completely in the dark with it all. At University my lovely friend Nicola runs the Blogging Society (Blog Soc) and an event all about photography really took my fancy! It was run by one of the committee members Sarah (who also has a wordpress blog of her own here) and I was intrigued to see if I could learn something new that would help my blog out!

Sarah started off by telling us all what all the different symbols meant on the camera and what adjusting them would do to your picture. Sounds simple right? Wrong. This is very tech for me, i’m a point and shoot kinda girl but I was fascinated when it came to finding out what they all meant! I knew they’d obviously effect your photo but I had no idea how much! Sarah’s photography is really very beautiful and finding out that she’s self taught definitely gave me some hope for my own blog. If you’ve been following me on instagram you may have noticed (hopefully) a slight improvement in the photos and that’s because i’m trying to take them all on my camera now rather than my phone. This won’t happen every time but for now i’m trying my best!

The one huge thing that I took away from the event was the fact that my camera has a macro setting. This has made it a hell of a lot easier to take the close up product shots that i’ve been previously battling to take. I just wanted to write this post to thank Sarah and the guys at Blog Soc for helping me understand my camera a little better and to show you guys some of the pictures I managed to take around the University of Nottingham Campus. I did post one last week and you guys couldn’t believe it was at uni so here’s a few more pictures I took that day! IMG_2651.JPG


Sadly the weather wasn’t on our side this day but I pretty happy with what I managed to capture around campus. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of work to be done but I think it’s a vast improvement for me! What do you guys think?

Much Love


Intu Nottingham Spring Fashion Event!

Yet again, the lovely ladies at Intu Victoria Centre in Nottingham pulled it out the bag with a fantastic Blogger Event for us all! The other Saturday a group of us headed to town to discover what the shopping centre had to offer for the Spring/Summer season this year! As always I was completely blown away by the fantastic afternoon Claire, Amy and the team put on and I wanted to share with you all the fun that we had!

We met at Caffe Rizzoli again for prosecco bellinis and chocolate truffles and a chance to have a good catch up. As ever, Jeremy, who owns Caffe Rizzoli, was the perfect host and gentlemen, offering us a multitude of different flavoured drinks and carrying some of our many belongings over to the table for us. I have thoroughly enjoyed the times I’ve visited this lovely prosecco bar and I’d recommend it to anybody shopping in Nottingham! It’s such a lovely luxury experience and has helped Victoria Centre to up their game even more!

From there we headed downstairs to the main open area in the centre to watch a little demonstration on some of the seasons upcoming fashion trends and how to wear them whatever your size, style or gender. I really enjoyed watching this and the look book wall behind the presentation gave me so many ideas and a lot of clothing envy! I find it really hard to piece outfits together so it was great to get some inspiration, especially regarding how you can use the pieces in more than one outfit! DSCF0053.JPG

After this we were each given a style challenge! We picked out a gift card from a bag which had one of the upcoming trends attached to it. We were generously given £20 each to spend at any outlet in the centre with the aim to find something to match out trend. I pulled out the Red trend and i’m sad to say I failed miserably! Not only did I turn up late, but I also turned up empty handed! That’s right, 40 minutes of running around an array of stores and I managed to turn up with nothing. I am such a bad blogger!! The lovely ladies let me keep the voucher though so I have up to a year to finally get my bum in gear and use it! They did say I could use makeup as part of the trend but I am in desperate need of clothes so I want to make sure I put it to good use! DSCF0047.JPG

After the challenge we all met up at The Handmade Burger Co for a drink and some late lunch. At this point I looked like a completely sweaty mess and my fitbit steps had gone off the scale so I immediately opted for a large gin and tonic! After sipping that for a few minutes I felt a lot calmer, shopping is so bloody stressful! For lunch I had a bowl of their rosemary sea salt chips with some added goats cheese on top and some halloumi bites. I don’t often opt for burgers as a veggie so I was more than happy with a couple of bowls of yumminess to dip in and out of!

Sadly after that it was time to head home! I had such a fun afternoon with the fellow blogging girls and the sneaky hint at the next Intu event that Claire gave us made me even more excited for the next one! If only someone set me a makeup challenge, I would have probably excelled!! Where would you have headed to with £20 burning a hole in your pocket?

Much love


March Empties 2017!

I’m sorry but how is it March 31st today?! This year is absolutely flying by, we’re a quarter of the way through already! It’s been such a busy month for me and Aprils proving to be just as busy seeing as I’m jetting of to the states on Thursday! As always, month end means it’s empties time and when I opened the box this month I had genuinely forgotten half of the items I’d placed in there over the last four weeks! I clearly have had a busy month!

  • Heyland & Whittle Orient Candle – This is the most obvious item in the box and probably took the longest to use up! I got it from one of my lovely tutees as a Christmas present and assumed I would have burnt it by the end of January! This thing was relentless and actually gave off a stronger fragrance as time went by too! I did prefer the slightly milder fragrance it gave off towards the beginning of it’s life but it was a lovely wintery scent nonetheless. I am also the sad act who is saving this glass to use for my Gin & Tonics as it’s the perfect size!
  • Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub – This was in my CrossEyes goodie bag and I finally got round to using it this month! I can literally never be bothered to exfoliate my skin so when I do, I go a bit mad! I used this whole tub in one go and my skin felt great! I need to use some of my other scrubs up soon as I seem to have a tonne! I’ve always been a fan of this one though and would happily use it again.
  • Bath & Body Works Cherry Champagne Toast Anti Bac Gel – Oh how I enjoyed picking these out last year when I went to the states! My favourite was definitely the Island Margarita which they have since discontinued! Damn them! This made my hands feel nice and fresh but the scent was very strong to the point where people were commenting on it. It wasn’t a bad smell, just very intense. When i’m there next week I’m going to look for a milder scent for my next batch to bring home!
  • Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate – This is my all time favourite bath product and something I need to have in my life at all times. I can already feel myself stressing that I’ve let myself completely run out! I may have to order some more tonight! If you need calming down, go out and buy yourself a bottle of this, you won’t regret it.
  • Nip & Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix – This is my new holy grail face scrub as it just seems to work absolute wonders. Since my Nip & Fab haul, I have been loving this brand of skincare, but this has been the real stand out product for me! It’s such good value and leaves my skin in excellent condition. I have already bought another tube!
  • NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray – I love setting sprays and, regardless of whether they work wonders or not, I love spritzing my face with them to end my makeup routine. I’ve had this NYX spray a while and I really enjoyed it. It’s a good budget friendly option if you don’t want to go all out on the Urban Decay All Nighter. I would definitely buy it again at some point!
  • Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser – I’m honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed using this cleanser! It was great as a second cleanse or a morning freshen up and left my skin feel clean but not stripped in the slightest. It also left it incredibly soft which I really liked! I have cleansers coming out of my ears but if I didn’t I’d definitely grab this again!
  • Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer – This is such a dupe for the Touche Eclat but hey, i’m not complaining at the lower price! Unlike the Touche Eclat, this is more concealing than highlighting yet it does still brighten your under eyes beautifully. It also lasted a lot longer than I expected and at around the £7 mark it’s a complete bargain! I’ve written a post all about it here.
  • Tony Moly Skin Purifying Masks in Seaweed & Milk of Makgeolli – I loved using these two masks but I don’t know whether I can honestly say they did anything. I bought the full set of Tony Moly masks and despite being great value, i’ve not noticed any real benefits from using them which is a shame.
  • REN V-Cleanse Revitalising Night Cream – This was from my Look Incredible Advent Calendar and actually lasted me quite a long time! To say the price of REN skincare, I don’t really feel like this did anything that my other creams haven’t done and I did find it a tiny bit greasy with prolonged use.
  • DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Sample – I had this from Feel Uniques Sample Service and I actually really liked it! It was light and non-greasy and just seemed to dissolve makeup really easily! A pretty good find!

That’s everything for this month! What did you guys finish off this month? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love


My Showcase| March Steals!

It’s been an exciting month here at The Rose Beauty Files and one of the things that has definitely contributed to that excitement is that I am now working with My Showcase as a Beauty Ambassador! My Showcase houses over 50 independent beauty retailers such as Neom, New CID and Magnitone to name but a few! As an ambassador, I will get to try a selection of their best deals out and share my thoughts with you all! I’ve made it clear that I will only be reviewing items I genuinely love here on my blog so don’t worry about that and everything that is sent will clearly be marked with an * to let you know as usual.

This month I received my first box and I couldn’t believe all the goodies that were inside! I was like a child in a toy shop and dived straight in opening things, swatching and giving them all a good try! I received three full priced items and two gift with purchases relating to the other three items. These offers expire at the end of the month so I wanted to let you know my initial thoughts in case you wanted to give them a try yourself. I’m not going to lie, this months box was a complete winner for me and included products that I can see myself using again and again.

Evolve Beauty DSCF0064_Fotor.jpg

This was a skincare brand that I’d never heard of before but I am a complete convert and I’ve since made a list of other items that I want to try from them! Evolve creates organic and natural skin, body and hair products using vegan and cruelty free ingredients. The are a London based company that creates their products in small batches to ensure that you get a fresh product every time. I found this incredibly cute as there’s a little label on each product telling you when the product was created and the name of the person who made it! I loved this personal touch and the apothecary style packaging of the products is incredibly on trend yet minimalistic. With skincare I don’t want to pay for the packaging, I just want to pay for the quality of the product inside.

I was sent two full sized items to try, the first being the Radiant Glow Mask* which is suitable for all skin types and is made with raw cacao and coconut. This product smells like an absolute dream and made my skin so incredibly soft after just one use! The product looks like a very thick nutella or marmite texture with tiny little gritty particles (technically they are coconut shell!) inside. You apply a thick layer to your skin and leave it on for five minutes. As you are applying the mask, it has a very gentle warming sensation which I loved and the coconut shell powder inside helps to get rid of any dead skin and those stubborn dry patches that are rife at this time of the year! I plan to do a full review of this in the coming weeks but my first impressions were very very good! This retails for £20 for a 60ml jar which I would suspect could last you at least ten masks making it only £2 a go which is cheaper than a lot of sheet masks! Perfect! DSCF0068_Fotor.jpg

The second Evolve Beauty product I received was the Daily Renew Facial Cream* which is for normal to dry skin. I would say I am more of a combination skin type but I find this to be perfect at nighttime or when my skin is going through it’s drier patches. I think it will be a touch too heavy for the summer but it’s definitely not a heavy cream overall. This cream is packed full of natural peptides, hyaluronic acid and argan to keep skin perfectly hydrated! I think this one smells quite coconutty but it’s not too overpowering either which is perfect for me. You get 60ml of product again for £24 which is brilliant as my normal Clarins moisturiser is £36 for only 50ml. DSCF0066_Fotor.jpg

At the moment, when you buy two Evolve Beauty products on the My Showcase website, you get their Skincare Taster Kit * (Worth £12) for free! The kit includes the mask and the cream i’ve mentioned above but also their Hyaluronic Acid Serum ! I’ve tried the serum out a couple of times to check I had no adverse reactions and that and the miniature mask have been popped into my washbag to take to America with me next week! I’ve been so impressed with the products from Evolve Beauty and I’m dying to get my hands on the Gentle Cleansing Melt which has won awards and has also been recommended by Caroline Hirons in her spine edit! There’s no higher claim than that, she is my skincare goddess!!

New CIDDSCF0057_Fotor.jpg

New CID is a brand i’d heard of through reading blogs but didn’t really know a lot about. They have an entire makeup line covering the full spectrum of products. The product I was sent was the i-Glow Compact Shimmer Powder in Sirocco*. When I opened it I was quite worried that this would be too dark on my very fair skintone, however I was definitely proved wrong! I would liken this to MAC’s Mineralised Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle but with more pigmentation! For me, Soft and Gentle wasn’t glowy enough and was a more subtle highlight, whereas this is the same colour and tone but packs a lot more punch! In typical me fashion, I have also been lazy and been using this as an eyeshadow and it is GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to douse myself in this throughout the entirety of summer for a perfect golden glow! It retails for £26 so it is quite pricey but the pan size is huge! If you didn’t want to spend that much then luckily it does come in a smaller size too for only £16 which would be perfect for popping in your handbag.DSCF0060_Fotor.jpg

Don’t be too hasty though as if you buy any of the three shades of New CID shimmer powder (in full size), you get a Chrome Powder Brush as a gift which retails for £29 alone. I’ve tried the brush a couple of times and to be honest I have found it to be a bit too heavy for me and the bristles are softer than I would have liked. I’ve been trying it with bronzer instead for a softer golden glow and it has been working a treat with that though as the product is less concentrated!

I hope you liked seeing what i’ve been trying out and i’m going to be including more in the future as I get the latest offers through to show you. The links are affiliate links so if you are unhappy with that then just head to the My Showcase website should you not want to purchase anything through my links! I’m so excited to see what the next box entails as I’ve been so impressed with this one! Let me know what brand you’d most like to try from My Showcase!

Much Love



Nottingham Fashion Week 2017

On saturday I was lucky enough to bag myself a front row seat to this years Nottingham Fashion week! It warms to celebrate the fantastic shopping we have in the city and everything that graced the catwalk could be found in the town centre. It was set in the beautiful council building in the Old Market Square which really was a fantastic location for it! The grand staircase leading up to the orange room with beautiful high ceilings really did make you feel like you were in for a treat! Although I was invited to all three shows, I only managed to make it to the ‘Club to Campus’ show. As the name probably hints, this was all about student fashion designed to cover you from both student life on campus to an even bigger student life at the clubs. DSCF0012_Fotor.jpgDSCF9991.JPG

Being a student myself, I feel like the styles present were brilliant and really represented a whole host of different tastes! Within the show there were a fews key trends such as ruffles, sports luxe and my personal favourite, the incoming pink trend where anything and everything was a gorgeous shade of dusky rose. For me personally, I found the sports luxe to be my least favourite as a) I don’t spend much time in the gym, b) I rarely wear trainers of any description and c) I would not prance round campus in either joggers or bold lycra leggings if you paid me. I know a lot of people love this trend though so it was great that it was included! DSCF9987.JPG

Sitting front row has made me even more determined to make it to one of the big fashion weeks at some point in my life. Fashion is something I love but sadly i’d have to admit it’s not something I’m very good at either! I find it very hard to piece outfits together but heading to that show gave me so much inspiration! The thing I loved the most about the show was that the models were so diverse! There was someone from every ethnicity, every body shape and both males and females! I’d have liked a 5 foot 4 representative with slightly too much thigh but beggars can’t be choosers hey!DSCF0024_Fotor

I’m going to include lots of photos of my favourite parts of the show and if you are in Nottingham, definitely try and grab tickets to one of the shows next year! I believe that this is their sixth year running and it’s growing in popularity each time! The tickets are free, but they come on a first come first served basis when ordering online. I hope you like some of the outfits in this post and use them as your own inspiration like me!

Much Love


Chino Latino’s 12th Birthday Bash!

Last week Tom and I were invited to attend Chino Latino Nottingham’s birthday celebration! They were celebrating a huge 12 years here in Nottingham with a black and red theme to match the decor of the restaurant! Chino Latino is a Pan Asian restaurant, something that probably wouldn’t be top of our list of cuisine choices, however I’m a firm believer of if someone has taken the time to invite you to something you should always take them up on the offer. DSCF9952.JPG

It was clear that Chino Latino has not scrimped on the budget as we were greeted by fire artists, champagne, beer or wine and a huge table laden with freshly made sushi. I was so shocked at how many people were there, the turn out of over 350 people was absolutely fantastic and gave the event a wonderful atmosphere! A professional photographer was circulating (I’m still trying to locate the pictures) and canapés were forever appearing for us to try. Everything looked and smelled delicious but unfortunately as a vegetarian I was only able to try one, the Sweetcorn Fritters. Whilst these were delicious with a lovely spicy taste, I would have loved there to have been a few more vegetarian options so I could test the menu out a little bit more. Tom eats meat so he was thoroughly enjoying himself and said that everything he tasted was lovely. DSCF9953.JPG

After half an hour of mingling with other bloggers, we suddenly heard this loud bang and turned around to see a Chinese dragon dance taking place in the middle of the floor, performed by the Nottingham Mantis Kung Fu and Lion Dance group! Complete with live drums, elaborate costumes and even cabbage throwing (yes you read that right!), it was truly an amazing sight to see! The ‘Dragon’ then lead us into the restaurant where we were greeted with unlimited cocktails and even more food! The staff really did pull out all the stops that night and the inclusion of a free bar was incredibly generous! DSCF9964

A few cocktails later, I discovered the dessert table and boy was I in for a treat! Profiteroles, macaroons, lemon tarts, fondue… you name it, it was on there! I spent longer than I’d like to admit devouring every sweet thing I could get my hands on! They were all delicious and I was quite surprised at the huge selection as I always thought Chinese restaurants were more of a savoury affair! With a tummy full of pudding we headed off to mingle some more before heading home to the pooch. DSCF9972_Fotor.jpg

We had a lovely night and it was a fantastic event filled with entertainment, good food and delicious cocktails. My advice to Chino Latino for next year would be to try and cater for a few more dietary requirements as both myself and the other vegetarians ended up eating a hell of a lot of pudding and drinking a lot of cocktails on an empty stomach that night! Thank you so much to Cartwright Communications for inviting us both and we look forward to visiting you again in the future! DSCF9976_Fotor.jpg

Much Love