I jumped on the fitness tracker bandwagon!

So I am definitely a sucker for a gimmick! This being said I always liked the idea of tracking my fitness but more importantly my sleep as I always feel like I’ve spent the entire night awake! After doing a bit of research I decided to buy the MisFit Flash, a small sleek device which could been worn on the wrist or anywhere you could attach it using the clip included in the box. misfit-flash

I decided to go for the all grey colour option as I wanted something that was quite subtle and that would go with most outfits! So heres the low-down:

The Good:

  • It doubles up as a watch with the click of a button
  • It tracks my swimming (i’ve only tried once and I don’t think I set it up correctly so i’ll keep you updated on the success of this function!)
  • It tracks sleep
  • It can be worn in multiple places, my favourite is to use the clip and attach it to my pocket or even the top of my tights if i’m not wearing trousers.
  • It looks quite subtle and understated in my opinion
  • No charging – just replace the battery every 6 months
  • They have a handy app and the device syncs via bluetooth – so simple, even I can manage it!
  • It was one of the cheapest on the market, it retails at £49.99 but I managed to get hold of one on eBay for £29.99!

The not so good:

  • The device sometimes falls out of the wrist strap when you press it to see your progress or the time.
  • It didn’t track my swimming too well but that may have been my fault as it was my first day of wearing it.
  • Sleep tracking can be a little erratic, sometimes its very accurate and sometimes its miles off.
  • The amount of calories it says you have burnt for the number of steps you have taken seems absolutely crazy to me, it’s like oh you’ve taken 100 steps and burnt 800 calories. I mean I wish!

Overall I am pleased with it, particularly for the price. Do any of you have a fitness tracker? If so which one is it and would you recommend?

Much Love,


Top 5 Lipsticks… All occasions covered! 

The title says it all really. This is a list of my top 5 lipsticks at the moment, however most of them have been on the list for a long time now! It’s a good sign if something makes a favourites list but it’s even better if it stays there! I have included some swatches as I am aware my photography doesn’t really do the colours justice! So here goes, from left to right in the below picture:

  • No Competition – Benefit. This is a gorgeous deep plummy shade that looks stunning on the lips. It’s vampy but not too dark and can easily be applied without a lip liner. The finish is creamy with a slight sheen to it and does not dry the lips out in the slightest!
  • Old Hollywood Bobbi Brown. A bright vintage style red that as the name would suggest just screams old Hollywood glamour! Another non-drying formula that has very tiny glittery specks in it that leave a lovely sheen to the lips. Everytime I wear this I get so many compliments on the colour!
  • So Chaud Mac. This satisfies my bright colour craving! I love bold lips and rarely wear a nude so this orangey red is a great solution! It’s one of Macs matte finish lipsticks so it is a little drying to be honest but goes on very smoothly. It can make teeth look a tad yellow as it has orange under tones but I feel like it makes me look more tanned too so you win some you lose some hey?
  • Creme Coral Laura Mercier. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Laura Mercier christmas lip trio in Pink Spark and this is the lipstick from that set. It’s the perfect Kylie Jenner style lip on me and still manages to pack a punch dispite being the most nude of the bunch. It makes my lips look fuller particular when teamed with the accompanying lip liner and gloss. It is so comfortable to wear and has quite a sheen to it. It’s beautiful!
  • Russian Red Mac. Last but not least is the Mac classic Russian red. Another matte finish from Mac so again it’s a tad on the drying side but it is a staple in my collection. I would describe it as a dark blue toned red so it makes your teeth look whiter too – bonus! It’s perfect for winter and summer, setting off both pale and tanned skin beautifully.

What are your favourite lip sticks? Please let me know in the comments as I’m always on the hunt for more!

Much Love


P.s I’ve not forgotten my exercises! On Friday I managed to successfully swim 50 lengths! It was a proud day in my house! I promise there will be a couple more health and fitness posts soon!

What I’m rocking on my… Hands?!?!

I can hear you all now… ‘What is she on about?!’ But hear me out! I thought I’d do a little post on my jewellery and nail polish faves at the moment. And I have two options for you to have a gander at!  As a little side note, please forgive my awful camera work… I’m clearly not destined to be a photographer!

Look 1:

Now I don’t know about you, I couldn’t jump on the Rose gold band wagon fast enough! This is quite a simple combo that I wear most days for uni. The watch is the large rose gold faced watch from Olivia Burton with mink coloured strap £75 and my rose gold whistles ring £15. They are both the most wearable pieces and go with pretty much any outfit! Many a compliment has been received on these from the uni girls!

Look 2:

You can’t go wrong with silver or gold and I am definitely not a gold kinda gal so I love accessorising with silver jewellery My bracelet  is from links of London and I added their heart charm and safety chain to personalise mine a little bit more. The rings on my first finger are both from pandora. The top one is from their birthstone ring collection and the bottom one is their rose ring. I was bought both of these for my 18th birthday from my friends and they are quite sentimental to me. The ring on my middle finger was bought by my lovely boyfriend for one of our anniversaries. It is from h Samuels and I just love it as it is so sparkly. I’m a big believer in the power of sparkly things!

The nails:

On my nails at the moment is a nails inc nail varnish in ‘fizz’. I’ll let you into a little secret, Marie Claire magazine are currently giving this away free with their magazine this month. If your not keen on this colour there are three others you could choose from but I absolutely love this for spring!

As a little addition to my last post, here’s a picture of my favourite nails inc meets gossip girl combo for you to feast your eyes on. Isn’t it just beautiful?!?! This is the colour combo in ‘lily’

I hope you haven’t found this post to be too weird or rambly but I just felt like writing something that I’ve not seen too often before. Please let me know what you think!

Much love


My February Favourites

PicMonkey Collage

Every month, the internet is scattered with monthly favourite blog posts or youtube videos and this is something I have been dying to take part in for years and years. So, now I have a blog, here goes nothing!

I have just rediscovered two old favourites in my nail varnish collection and boy do I feel great with this combo on my hands! A few years ago Nails Inc teamed up with Gossip Girl to create a series of nail effect duos. I got the set in ‘Lily’ and it’s just heavenly. All the things you love about Nail’s Inc polishes combined with the sheer glamour of Gossip Girl. I love it! The bad thing is… it was limited edition and I don’t think you can buy it any more, i’m sorry!! I also don’t have any very good pictures of this so if you’re curious about what it looks like, give it a google!

My skin has been appalling recently so i’ve been given some new cream to try out which is getting rid of blemishes slowly but I don’t think my skin has ever been so dry and flaky (gross I know!). So I’ve been using Clarins HydraQuench cream which has been working a charm. I’m a huge Clarins fan and I’m a strong advocate for getting what you pay for with skin care – not always but 99% of the time! I’ve been teaming this with the HydraQuench serum and mask and my face feels like it’s had a good boost of moisture! They’re not the cheapest but they are so worth it. Allbeauty.com have the products slightly cheaper though if you are interested.

Three words: Maybelline Colour Tattoos. In the colour pink gold to be precise. I’m a little late to the band wagon on these but they are seriously awesome! I hate cream products that are just difficult to work with or dry out quickly (sadly Benefit, I’m talking about you!), but this one has a lot of promise and the colour pay off is great. The best part? They are only £4.99 and they are on 3 for 2 at the moment. Winner!

Without wanting to harp on about one brand, I just have to mention the new Clarins Instant Light Lip Balms. I have it in the colour ‘rose’ and it is just beautiful. It is a lovely natural colour, incredibly moisturising and gives a really subtle sheen to your lips. Also the packaging is just gorgeous. If you liked the original Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors then these are basically the same but in a stick form and the best thing, they smell A-Maz-Ing.

My final favourite for the month is the bodyshop chamomile cleansing butter. I love cleansing balms and butters, they are just so easy as you can use it in the shower and smear it straight over your full face of makeup. This one is really light, doesn’t dry your face out or leave it feeling greasy and its in a handy tin. It doesn’t have a really strong smell which I like and a little goes a long way. It certainly gets a big thumbs up from me.

What are your favourites this month, beauty or otherwise?

Much Love,


The Sports Wear Low-Down

PicMonkey Collage

So as promised a quick post on all that sports wear I bought prior to doing any exercise. My first purchase was a pair of PlayerLayer Black Women’s Leggings. They have recently redesigned their leggings and i’m telling you, they’re comfy! These retail for £49.50 and are available to buy from http://playerlayer.com you can even have them personalised with your name and initials to avoid any thieving fellow gym goers taking them. I tried to match the orange on my leggings by buying a similar coloured sports bra, genius I know. This one is from Nike and it’s their Mezzo sports bra in Mango/Ash. I bought this from ASOS in their sale for around £17.00 but I believe they actually retail for £35.00. Gotta love a bargain! I thought I was all set to go until I realised I had no trainers. Minor set back I thought but actually they probably could have waited till I actually went to the gym. No-one told me you don’t need running trainers to go swimming! So I bought these New Balance running trainers anyway. They are honestly the comfiest and most supportive shoes I have ever put on my feet if I could get away with wearing them to uni everyday I definitely would. I bought them from sports direct and I’m sure they were around the £30.00 mark, so not bank breaking in the grand scheme of things. Whilst there I picked up a Nike Dri-Fit white tee, I liked the idea that it kept you cool while you exercised, no-one wants to look like a hot mess right?! My swimming costume is just a plain Navy speedo endurance + one (not pictured) and my final purchase was a PlayerLayer LugLayer to chuck all this stuff in and they retail at £29.95. Clearly I was still on the same colour theme with the interior of this bag! So there you have it, my rather small yet adequate exercise gear collection. I am pretty happy with it but the lure of more Nike sports bras may get too much coming into summer! I’ll keep you updated…

Much Love


The start of a fitness journey…

As cliche as the title sounds, its probably an apt description of my attempt to start a journey into the world of fitness. An even bigger cliche is how my decision to try and get fitter came about: think New Years Day, New Start and all that crap. The truth is I don’t want to lose any weight, I am just embarassed by how unfit I have let myself become. I want to tone and I want to feel fitter and healthier to try and get over a few issues with both food and myself that have been bothering me for years but I had no idea where to even start. I’m currently at uni studying a relatively time-consuming degree, so during my many hours of revision procrastination in January I sat down with my MacBook and tried to set a plan into motion. Naturally, this ended up with me buying plenty of sportswear (post to come!); parading round the house in it and doing the bare minimum in terms of exercise. Good Start!

So my first idea was to try and use YouTube videos like Blogilates by Cassey Ho (www.blogilates.com), as I was too self conscious to brave the gym, for fear of being laughed out of the place! I absolutely loved the videos, I felt they were the right side of challenging and the day after I’d done my first session of videos I was seriously hurting. EVERYWHERE! I took this as a very good sign and proceeded to stare at my abs every day in the mirror, convincing myself a six-pack was forming beneath my eyes. Spoiler: It definitely wasn’t! It was all going well until I finally knuckled down with revision; started back at work and the big deal breaker: dislocated my elbow! This put a bit of a halt on my dreams of looking like Millie Mackintosh. Bummer.

Take two. So my arm’s back to normal (ish); exams are done and any muscle I had gained through the videos had well and truly vanished again. So back at square one and with a slightly weak right elbow I went back to the drawing board and came up with running. God knows why, I hate running! I even went as far as to tell my Dad, serial half-marathon runner, that I wanted to run 5k this year and set it as one of my new years resolutions. Now 5k may not sound a lot to most people but I can’t run 5 metres without wanting to collapse never mind 5000! So I downloaded an app that told me it would take me from the couch (bed would definitely be more appropriate) to 5k in a matter of weeks. Sounded too good to be true to me but I thought I’d give it a go. So on went the trainers – straight from the box – along with all the other sports gear i’d yet to cut the tags out of. To cut a long story short, I put it off and put it off and ended up wearing that outfit all day but never actually leaving the house. Running was clearly another non-starter for me!

Third time lucky. I needed something I would stick to, something that would motivate me to keep going but was relatively low impact as my arm was still a little fragile. So I went back to my seven year old roots and decided on swimming. My motivation? Purchasing a gym membership from uni that set me back £80 and that lasts until the end of July. I bought it on a whim and instantly felt like I was onto a bit of a winner this time. Only draw back – no swimming costume and believe me, buying one that fits is not an easy task! I’m quite a short girl in general but clearly rather out of proportion, my legs are short but what I lack in the leg department I apparently more than make up for in the torso! Every swimming costume I tried on came up so short it didn’t even cover my nipples and on the off chance it did cover some of my modesty I won’t even begin to tell you what was going on in another area! I eventually found one but then I had, to use an awful phrase, ‘all the gear but no idea’. So searching for inspiration as to where to start on the internet I came across SwimFit, an online program that helps tailor make you a swimming plan. I am pleased to say that this was the perfect solution for me! I’m now in the fourth week of training and I can feel myself getting (marginally) fitter! Well i’m sticking to it at least and starting to get why people turn to exercise as a stress reliever finally!! I think in my next post i’ll explain a bit more about SwimFit and my regime – if you can even call it that – but for now i’ll leave it there as reminiscing about the last two months has pretty much traumatised me so much that I don’t think i’ll ever sleep again! Till next time…

Much Love