A Rather Belated December Empties!

I’m Back! Thank God for that hey?! It’s been way too long! Exams are over and I have a few days before I start my lectures again so i’m going to try and get a few posts written and get back to normal! If you read my update post, you’ll know what I’ve been upContinue reading “A Rather Belated December Empties!”

Current Hair Care Favourites: How I Tame My Unruly Hair!

Before I tell you about my favourite products I had better give you a little overview of my hair type! My hair takes forever to get greasy. I know, I am very lucky! For that reason I literally only wash my hair once every 7-9 days. You may think its gross but if I washContinue reading “Current Hair Care Favourites: How I Tame My Unruly Hair!”