How To Grow Your Instagram |600 New Followers in Under 4 Months!

I posted on Twitter the other day how proud I was of how much my Instagram has grown this year! I started March with just under 400 followers and I’m now sitting at just under 1000. So many people commented saying they’d love to know how I’d done it and some tips and trips for growing Instagram organically so I thought I’d share some tips today that i’ve found have made a feel improvement to my following!

  1. Picture Quality – I’ve found that taking more pictures on my camera rather than my iPhone or even just spending longer editing pictures definitely increases engagement! Having said that, the majority of my highly ranked pictures have been taken on Tom’s iPhone 7+ so you can work with what you’ve got!
  2. Follow People Back! – It may sound obvious but it seems so many bloggers nowadays feel ‘above’ us lowly small bloggers and refuse to follow you back in order to have a really high ratio of followers to following. It’s a load of crap! Follow back people who’s accounts you like and you’re more likely to keep your followers! Yes the whole follow-unfollow scenario is rife at the moment but this is a good way to maintain some of those new followers.
  3. Keep Track – I use Followers+ to keep track of my followers. This tells you new people that have followed or unfollowed you. If i’m following someone who unfollows me then I simply unfollow them. It sounds petty but if they can’t be bothered to engage with me then I can’t be bothered to engage with them. Simple.
  4. Post More Regularly – I was at the Ice Lolly Blogger At The Beach event earlier this month and Rhianna from Rhianna Olivia (formerly RoboweCop) and she mentioned that she had seen a real improvement from posting 3 times a day. Now I honestly do not have time for that everyday but since trying to post daily, I have noticed a vast improvement as you are constantly refreshing your presence in peoples feeds and hashtags!
  5. Join Follow Threads – I’ve been part of a couple of these through Twitter where people, fed up with low engagement and mass unfollowers, post their links in a thread and everyone follows each other. These have been amazing for growing my following recently and can increase your number by up to 30 or 40 in one day! If you are interested in one, tweet me (@RoseBeautyFiles) and I’ll set a new one up and tag you in it!
  6. Comment On Posts – If you engage with others then they are way more likely to look at your account and engage back. This also works with liking pictures you are genuinely interested in and leaving useful and unique comments. Nobody likes the standard ‘Great Pic’ comment. Quite frankly its annoying and shit!
  7. To Theme or Not to Theme? – I do not have a theme on my instagram. I see the appeal and I do admit the feed look ‘neater’ with a theme, but your instagram has to reflect your personality and your blog and inspire people to want to follow you. I love talking and posting about a mixture of things so I just post pictures of whatever takes my fancy that day. You can easily see a correlation with what your followers actually like so reflect on this but don’t let low likes on one picture stop you posting about things you are interested in.

    Just call me No Theme Molly
  8. Explore Hashtags – I was recently introduced to the wonderful world of the ‘Discoverunder’ hashtags, where you are appealing to people who are looking for smaller accounts. I always use the #discoverunder1k, #discoverunder10k and #discoverunder100k ones nows but I’ve found the under 1k hashtag seems to work the best. I often click on that one and look for new, likeminded feeds that I’m interested in and follow them and comment on their pictures. Most people, like I would, appreciate the engagement and do the same in return. It’s a win-win for everyone!
  9. Link your Instagram to other Social Media – Post your instagram pictures to your blog sidebar, your twitter and your Facebook to ensure that they get the maximum exposure! I often find that there’s people I love on Twitter that I hadn’t realised I’m not following on Instagram! This helps to easily allow people to associate the Twitter user they love with an instagram account to match!
  10. Questions – This final point is another Rhianna special that was too useful not to include. To increase your engagement, why not add a question to the end of your picture description! It almost seems like it’s targeted directly at you so you can’t help but answer it! More comments is always a good thing!

I hope you liked this post and that it helps you out. I often feel Instagram has become a bit of a chore but since i’ve been doing these things it’s really boosted my confidence as my followers have increased! Why not leave your Instagram handle in the comments so we can all find some new accounts to follow? FYI mine is the same as Twitter – @RoseBeautyFiles and my latest feed is always displayed in the side bar of this blog!

Much Love



An Attempt At Good Photography|Blog Soc Photography Workshop

So photography is definitely something that I feel lets me down on this blog. It’s not something i’m very good at, nor have I read much about it so you could say i’m completely in the dark with it all. At University my lovely friend Nicola runs the Blogging Society (Blog Soc) and an event all about photography really took my fancy! It was run by one of the committee members Sarah (who also has a wordpress blog of her own here) and I was intrigued to see if I could learn something new that would help my blog out!

Sarah started off by telling us all what all the different symbols meant on the camera and what adjusting them would do to your picture. Sounds simple right? Wrong. This is very tech for me, i’m a point and shoot kinda girl but I was fascinated when it came to finding out what they all meant! I knew they’d obviously effect your photo but I had no idea how much! Sarah’s photography is really very beautiful and finding out that she’s self taught definitely gave me some hope for my own blog. If you’ve been following me on instagram you may have noticed (hopefully) a slight improvement in the photos and that’s because i’m trying to take them all on my camera now rather than my phone. This won’t happen every time but for now i’m trying my best!

The one huge thing that I took away from the event was the fact that my camera has a macro setting. This has made it a hell of a lot easier to take the close up product shots that i’ve been previously battling to take. I just wanted to write this post to thank Sarah and the guys at Blog Soc for helping me understand my camera a little better and to show you guys some of the pictures I managed to take around the University of Nottingham Campus. I did post one last week and you guys couldn’t believe it was at uni so here’s a few more pictures I took that day! IMG_2651.JPG


Sadly the weather wasn’t on our side this day but I pretty happy with what I managed to capture around campus. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of work to be done but I think it’s a vast improvement for me! What do you guys think?

Much Love


The Rose Beauty Files Turns 2!

I’ve thought for ages what I could possibly post or do to celebrate my blog turning 2 years old and I came up with nothing. Instead I thought I would try and recap the highlights of the last two years to celebrate what an immense achievement it has been and to link up some old posts that maybe you never got round to reading! I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and I just want to say a huge thank you for all of you who stop by and read my posts. You’ve allowed my creative outlet to grow and for me to do something I truly love so thank you so very much.

How it all began…

I was a 20 year old student studying finance and looking for a way to allow my passion of beauty and all things fabulous to be set free. I initially started this blog as a fitness diary to get me into shape but as we can well and truly tell, the fitness journey didn’t last long and it morphed itself into something very different. Here’s the first post I ever wrote which is about fitness, it started so well right > The Start of a Fitness Journey. I honestly thought no one would read my post but as people did, I came to love the idea that people were interested in what I had to say and proceeded to write more and more.

Honestly, I’ve been truly surprised at how well I have maintained my blog alongside all the other crazy things going on in my life but it’s just given me more topics to talk about and allow myself to almost have a diary to look back on in years to come. Although this diary is actually read by 1000’s of people so i’ll have to remember not to put too many big secrets in it!! Over the years, I’ve shared my experiences at university, my triumphs and some of the harder things I’ve had to cope with.  But through everything, this space has been here for me to write my thoughts and to meet amazingly talented and link minded people.

target Jobs, undergraduate of the year awards 2016, east wintergreen, canary wharf, london

Talking about wonderful people, last year I went to my first ever blogger event and met some of the most amazing people who have become my very own ‘Blog Squad’. Once you become an adult, it is very hard to find friends who have similar interests to you or are just bloody good girlfriends so I’m incredibly lucky to have found such amazing people and that’s all down to this little corner of the internet! img_2486

As the years have gone by, I have managed to grow my following by more than I could have ever imagined with almost 1000 of you subscribed here on WordPress alone!! Not to mention my Twitter , Instagram and most recently Facebook pages! All these platforms have enabled me to engage and have a good old chat with the people that support me and i’ve loved every second.

In the first two months of this year already, my blog seems to have upped its game and I’ve been contacted by some amazing companies and people regarding some opportunities I would have never dreamed of getting! In February alone I attended 4 blogging events (CrossEyes, Intu, Snizl, Nottingham Fashion Week)  and March is looking like it’s shaping up to go just as well with two blogging events, a surprise invite to the Cirque Du Soleil and I’ve even been invited to lecture at Lincoln University on blogging and social media which is something that is beyond my wildest dreams! When these opportunities arise I do often feel like they’ve asked the wrong woman as surely no-one cares what I have to say but it’s lovely to hear that actually they do.

Finally, this blog has allowed me to track some of my most amazing travel experiences and will continue to do so next month when I head over to America and Canada again! You’ve seen me head to Budapest, Venice, Prague, New York, Toronto, Brussels, Tenerife, Pisa & Milan all in the last two years and being able to look back on those memories has been something incredibly worthwhile for me. 13403110_10209857794871666_2583303341282123804_o

So all that’s left to say is thank you again for supporting The Rose Beauty Files and here’s to many many more years of happy blogging!

Much Love



A Perfect Evening In Nottingham With Snizl!

Last Monday I was lucky enough to attend yet another blogging event, this month has seriously been packed full of them! The event was run by Snizl, a company that has come to Nottingham to get together with many of the fantastic companies in the city and offer exclusive deals and discounts! As a student this is obviously perfect as I am definitely low on funds at the moment so I couldn’t wait to find out more! The event was run like a whistle stop tour of four great places in the city and we got to try out lots of amazing things throughout the night!

First Stop : The Pudding Pantry! DSCF9832_Fotor.jpgI have been wanting to go here for as long as I could remember but I never managed to as they closed at 6pm which is usually a bit before I’m getting round to dessert! Lucky for me though, they are now opening later and I can’t wait to go back with Tom. We met at the pudding pantry at 6pm and were treated to a salted caramel brownie Freak Shake and some Banana cake! Now bananas aren’t really my thing at all so I passed on that but the freak shake was insanely good! Rich and chocolatey with cream, caramel sauce and a delicious piece of brownie on top.DSCF9828_Fotor.jpg I was in heaven! The interior or the Pudding Pantry is bright and airy, yet quirky at the same time with hanging lightbulbs and interesting paraphernalia all around, it really did give off a lovely atmosphere!

Second Stop: Cabella!DSCF9842_Fotor.jpg I’m not going to lie, I had never heard of Cabella before the event but I’m really pleased I know where it is now! It is a makeup studio run by two lovely ladies who give demos, advice and help make you up for any kind of special occasion. I was incredibly excited to see that they stocked both Milani and Glitter Eyes so I will have to head back to try things out! We were greeted with Prosecco and got to watch a demonstration on the lovely Jordan to see their signature smoky eye. DSCF9850_Fotor.jpgI really liked how they used a mixture of high end and high street products and they’d found products that suited all skin tones. We did have a good chuckle when were told that they wore 8-10 pumps of foundation a day, though they still managed to make their faces look lovely and natural! I’d be bankrupt if I used that much, I feel like i’m pushing the boat out if I use three!! The Cabella girls were kind enough to give us each a blending brush in our goodies bags so I can’t wait to put that to the test soon!

Third Stop: Weavers Wines! I was so excited when I realised we were going here as I am a born and bred Nottingham girl and I have wanted to go to a Weavers Wine Tasting Evening for years! They are an independent wine retailer who have been going since 1844 with the brand being passed from generation to generation. Weavers have a shop on one of the main streets in Nottingham but just up a side road and through a rather inconspicuous door lies a wonderful world of wines that appeals to my inner wine drinker on so many levels. DSCF9892_Fotor.jpgIt is set in a huge old house that spans many levels and on entry we were greeted with a gorgeous sparkling wine to try (Crémant du Jura a sparkling Chardonnay from France!). I’m a lover of anything sparkling in the alcohol department but I also love white wine and the one they gave us was divine!DSCF9853.JPG It was a riesling from Germany that was definitely up there with some of my favourite white wines! . I’m definitely not a rosé fan so I was glad they didn’t include those but they did also give us a taster of a red, which normally I don’t like but this one was gorgeous! It was a Spanish Priorat, something I’ve never heard of, but was delicious! They get extra brownie points for converting me to a sophisticated red wine drinker! We got to explore their wine cellars which are rich in history and we even got a look at the vault where their more expensive products are held. DSCF9886_Fotor.jpgThey have a gin tasting evening tonight which I was DYING to go to but student budget kills me off yet again! It’s really reasonable at only £25 for the evening though so definitely check them out if you are a local! They were incredibly kind to send us each off with a bottle of red wine which my dad and I enjoyed on Sunday evening whilst watching country file! I know, I really live an exciting life! No doubt I will be back soon as I have recently developed quite an interest in wines and gins and their history, poor Weavers, you get to a slightly tipsy Molly stumbling down your steps again!

Final Stop: 400 Rabbits! Another place I hadn’t heard of! And I call myself a local! 400 Rabbits is a Tequila bar set down a very secluded side alley just off the old market square! Its design inside is amazing, so quirky yet authentic and definitely how I would imagine a tequila bar to look inside! Naturally they specialise in tequila but they also had the most incredible sounding gin that is brewed in an old car bonnet hanging from the ceiling! DSCF9906_Fotor.jpgI am desperate to go back and give that a try and I can’t wait to take Tom as he loves Tequila! I on the other hand hate it so I was very sceptical! Once you’ve had a bad experience with tequila there’s no going back but 400 Rabbits definitely made me like it slightly more in one of their delicious Valentines Day cocktails but when I tried it neat, the nausea definitely returned! DSCF9902_Fotor.jpgI can’t wait to go back though as the atmosphere and staff were lovely and that gin is just calling to me on so many levels!

That rounded up our fantastic Nottingham crawl and I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the companies and Snizl for putting on such a lovely evening! The mix of alcohol definitely left me a little confused the next morning but I had a wonderful time and I have some new Nottingham hidden gems up my sleeve to take friends to! If you’re in the area then definitely check some of these out and don’t forget to download the Snizl app to help you search out the best deals!

Much Love


The Best Sunday |Being Treated by Intu Victoria Centre and Caffe Rizzoli!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to an amazing Bloggers Event run by Intu Victoria centre. The idea behind the event was that it was ‘Galentines’ themed so we could all celebrate the amazing girls we have in our blogging lives! We arranged to meet at caffe rizzoli at 11am for brunch and I’d thought I’d let you know how I found being treated like a princess for the day!

I met up with the gorgeous Sherry & Lora prior to the event to buy Sherry a new camera and headed off to Caffe Rizzoli prosecco bar which is somewhere i’ve being dying to try ever since it opened! We were greeted by the owner Jeremy who very kindly told us to order whatever we fancied! I started off with a Passionfruit Bellini which was absolutely delicious! IMG_2443.JPGThe quality of the prosecco was gorgeous and the passionfruit puree at the bottom was divine! As it was 11am I decided I would stick to something a bit more ‘breakfasty’ however some of the girls picked more savoury options like a lovely looking antipasti board or a bruschetta. I opted for scrambled eggs on toast with field mushrooms. Now I am incredibly picky about how I like my eggs to be scrambled, however theres were cooked to absolute perfection! img_2440

The bar is actually situated in the middle of the shopping centre, yet even on a busy Sunday morning I felt relaxed there and the clean and crisp decor really made it feel high-end and like you were getting a lovely treat! I was feeling very relaxed at this point so another Passionfruit Bellini went down very nicely and I even got to try one of their lovely puddings out in the form of a warm chocolate fondant with their delicious vanilla gelato. IMG_2441.JPGIt was so yummy and I was definitely incredibly full by this point! Whilst we were sat at the table the lovely ladies from Intu gave us all a valentines day gift from Skinny Dip! We got a phone case each which was so me and we also got some holographic stickers of our initials that are now taking pride of place on my laptop and I love them! They had asked us what phone we had before the event which I had found strange so the phone case was a really nice surprise! img_2439

After brunch we all headed off to House of Fraser for some makeovers! I chose to have mine at Bobbi Brown as I’d never really tried many of their products before. The makeup artist was incredibly talented and I loved the makeup she did on me. I already had some makeup on so she touched up my face and added liquid liner, extra mascara and a lovely brown toned lip. I really enjoyed having someone do my makeup for a change! Everyone looked gorgeous and we got to ask lots of questions about the brands and have yet more prosecco!

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Intu and Jeremy and the team at Caffe Rizzoli! I had a wonderful day and can’t wait to go back and drink more prosecco in the future! As a heads up, there’s also a Caffe Rizzoli in Meadow Hall if that’s slightly closer you!

Much Love


Final Advent Calendar Update!

I can’t believe that that’s it! Christmas is over and done with for another year and I have to wait 11 whole months for another beauty advent calendar! Part of me wants to pick one up in the sales to see me through each month till then! I have loved opening them each day and I’m here with the last instalment of what was in the last seven days! I’m also going to do a round up on each about whether they were worth the money/effort over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that! P.s I’ve forgotten which order I opened my blogger gifts in so if they are in the wrong order sorry Jay!fullsizeoutput_4dd.jpeg

DAY 19

Look Fantastic – Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 7ml

Blogger – P.s Pug Blending Sponge

At 7ml this eye cream is just under half the full size (which retails for £20!) so this is worth  about £9.33 on a price per ml basis. That’s a really good size as I find eye creams last ages and ages anyway! I’ve never actually tried anything from Balance me so i’m intrigued to see what this is like. Clearly Jay is a mind reader as she bough me this pug blending sponge that I spoke about only a week or so ago here! It’s so cute and I raced to use it straight away! It’s a bit firmer in texture than say a beauty blender but it did blend my foundation out well! It’s a big hit for me!

DAY 20

Look Fantastic – Redken One United Multi Benefit Hair Treatment

Blogger – M&S Beauty Bath Fizzer Crackers

From Look Fantastic we got the this Redken hair treatment which i’ve never tried before! I believe it’s a spray which is good as minimal effort is required there! It claims to have 25 separate benefits for your hair so I am definitely excited to see how it performs on my hair!  This is only a 30ml bottle so it’s only worth £3.40 but another nice addition nonetheless! For today, Jay got me some bath fizzers from M&S. I told her how much I loved baths so these will be a lovely treat during my exam period! fullsizeoutput_4e0.jpeg

DAY 21

Look Fantastic – Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

P.s CC Stick

I have never tried Dermalogica but i’ve heard great things. I’ve had an exfoliator that comes in a powder like this before but I have to say I did find it a bit of a faff! My brothers skin is in need of some TLC at the moment so being the lucky teenager he is, he has inherited this! This little sample is worth around £7.32 as the full size retails for a huge £41.75! In my blogger calendar I got a CC stick which is something I’ve never experimented with! This is the green one which is for redness which to be honest my skin doesn’t really suffer with. However, I do get quite a lot of spots that can go red so I am going to test this out on those! I’m hoping for good things!

DAY 22

Look Fantastic – Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Body Wash 100ml

Blogger – Nivea Lip Balm

I’m going to put it out there and say that Molton Brown is not my favourite brand, however this shower gel smells gorgeous! It’s quite manly so we’ve decided my Dad is getting this one but it is a really lovely fragrance! This is a third of the full size making it worth around £6.67 which is pretty good! From Jay I got a Nivea Lip Balm which is lovely for this time of the year! Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea this year and I received about 4/5 lip balms for Christmas so I may hang on to this one to pop in a giveaway but I have smelt this one before and it’s yummy!

DAY 23

Look Fantastic – Ole Henriksen Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths

Blogger – Merryteaser

Ole Henriksen is a brand that I hadn’t tried until recently but I’m really starting to like! I’ve just finished some of these wipes and although they aren’t my favourite, they smelt gorgeous and left my skin feeling lovely and soft so I’m happy to have some more. Mum has claimed these ones though as she’s never tried them and uses wipes more often than I do. You get 10 wipes in a pack making this worth £4. Merryteasers are probably my favourite little chocolate so I am especially pleased this was included in the calendar! How i’ve held off from eating it for this long I will never know but I’m sure that will be rectified shortly.


Look Fantastic – Look Good Feel Better Eye Shading Brush

Blogger – N07 Eye Shadow

The two calendar paired well today didn’t they! Look Good Feel Better is a brand that I really support as a proportion of the money goes to helping women with cancer feel better through helping them learn tricks with makeup. I learned more about the charity at the Lily & Anna event in October so this was a great addition for me. I believe this brush is worth £6.99. From Jay I got a lovely No7 eyeshadow! This is a beautiful colour which I believe I already have from my good old days of working at Boots and on the No7 counter occasionally. This one will be retained for a giveaway too so keep your eyes peeled for that as it’s an amazing formula and colour!


Look Fantastic – Illamasqua Eye Shadow Palette

Blogger – Set of three Pug Socks!

Finally, on Christmas day I opened this amazing Illamasqua eyeshadow palette which was created especially for this calendar and is worth a huge £34! The colours are beautiful and I cannot wait to try this out over the next few weeks. The packaging is beautiful and this is an amazing end to a brilliant calendar! From Jay I got lots of cute pug socks which are my favourite as I adore pugs! She really listened to what I said I liked and these are so cosy! fullsizeoutput_4df.jpeg

That’s it for this year! I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with the advent calendars and it might give you some ideas what to go for next year!

Much Love


This Years Top 5 Posts |Blogmas Day 16

As we’re coming to the end of the year I thought I’d share with you my 5 most popular posts for this years as ranked by their number of views. Ironically the majority of them were not written this year so maybe that’s telling my something, who knows! Anyway here are the posts in case you haven’t managed to read them yet!

  1. What I Got For My 21st Birthday – Yes this was in fact my most popular post of the year which is totally ironic as I’m now 22 and have in fact written a ‘What I Got For My 22nd Birthday‘ Post now too. I do love ‘birthday haul’ posts as they are just so interesting and I love to be nosy! IMG_1471_Fotor
  2. Get The Look: MAC Woodwinked – I think this is because everyone just loves the colour of MAC Woodwinked but can sometimes be put off by how Orange it comes out when you blend it. This is still one of my personal favourite posts along side the similar one I did for MAC ClubIMG_0567
  3. Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation – This is still a popular foundation on the market and its also pretty expensive so people are always looking for reviews on whether it’s actually worth the money or not. I am surprised though that this has been my most popular foundation review to date!2015-04-17 17.43.21
  4. Worth The Hype? – Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara – This was a big launch when it came out and I grabbed it pretty much straight away. However, there were plenty of mixed reviews around and it’s definitely up there with some of the pricier mascaras so I received an influx of views on this one! I also got quite a few when I wrote about why I was returning it tooimg_0827
  5. MAC New York Apple Lipstick Review & Review: Makeup Obsession Customisable Palette – These were tied for 5th place with exactly the same amount of views. MAC New York Apple is relatively unheard of in the blogging community as nobody seems to talk about it so I think that’s why this one faired so well! It’s a gorgeous colour and perfect for this time of the year! Makeup Obsession caused a bit of a storm when it hit Boots a few months ago and everyone wanted to know if it was any good or not! I grabbed a palette and filled it with warm tones and everyone loved reading about it as it’s such a good bargain! IMG_0801_Fotorimg_1893

Did you like these posts and did you mange to read them all first time around? What was your most popular post this year?

Much Love