The Best Beauty Haul Ever?!

Yesterday I dragged my mum off to a Christmas market in Nottingham as the lovely Becky & Holly Sheeran were going to be there and i’ve been dying to have a chat to them for years now! What I didn’t know was that the girls were bringing along sacks full of their unwanted PR productsContinue reading “The Best Beauty Haul Ever?!”

Review: MAC x Brooke Candy Witching Hour Lipstick!

This review is so not summer appropriate but I just love this lipstick so much I had to do a post on it for you today! The lipstick we are of course talking about today is the MAC x Brooke Candy Witching Hour lipstick! I managed to get this in the sale at MAC forContinue reading “Review: MAC x Brooke Candy Witching Hour Lipstick!”