Review: MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment & FOTD

So last week my fabulous tutee, and good friend, Lauren and I had our final ever maths tuition session together and after 3 years of chatting makeup whilst we worked, she knew the way to my heart. At the end of the session she gave me a little Selfridges bag and I got way wayContinue reading “Review: MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment & FOTD”

14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Bronzer! Now I was never really into bronzer that much until about a year ago when my mum appeared downstairs looking lovely and sun kissed and declared it was all down to bronzer! Now, my favourite bronzer is the Clarins bronzer, but my mum has since stolen that and used it all upContinue reading “14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge: Day 4”