My Favourite MAC Pigment | Old Gold

MAC pigments are a thing of beauty, but not something I regularly buy as they take an absolute age to finish up and I like to have a few that I know I’ll use regularly. I have three in total which I have collected over the last year and I love them all for differentContinue reading “My Favourite MAC Pigment | Old Gold”

What’s On My Current MAC Wishlist?

In the last year I have gone from liking MAC to borderline obsessing over it. The struggle is really real guys! It seems like I am permanently surfing their site and adding things to my favourites which basically is requiring a bottomless pit of money and is highly unrealistic. However, it’s always good to haveContinue reading “What’s On My Current MAC Wishlist?”

Review: MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment & FOTD

So last week my fabulous tutee, and good friend, Lauren and I had our final ever maths tuition session together and after 3 years of chatting makeup whilst we worked, she knew the way to my heart. At the end of the session she gave me a little Selfridges bag and I got way wayContinue reading “Review: MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment & FOTD”