HUGE Beauty Haul!

So as I mentioned last week, my friend Lauren and I decided to go out shopping to celebrate her birthday. Coupled with cocktails and food is was a great decision! It was also great to finally go makeup shopping with a fellow addict although the spending did get even more ridiculous! I thought I’d shareContinue reading “HUGE Beauty Haul!”

What’s On My Current MAC Wishlist?

In the last year I have gone from liking MAC to borderline obsessing over it. The struggle is really real guys! It seems like I am permanently surfing their site and adding things to my favourites which basically is requiring a bottomless pit of money and is highly unrealistic. However, it’s always good to haveContinue reading “What’s On My Current MAC Wishlist?”

My MAC Shopping List For New York!

Now, I cannot believe I am saying this but it is now less than 2 weeks until I go to New York and I am so so excited! I have dreamt of going to America, particularly New York, since I was a little girl and I can’t believe that dream is finally going to comeContinue reading “My MAC Shopping List For New York!”