The Lipstick Edit: Muted Purples & Pinks

I started swatching my lipsticks the other day and thought I’d start a little series that’s split into the best colours i’ve found from different colour categories. Today marks the start of this little series and I’ve kicked it off with muted purples and pinks! Theres everything from high end to budget so you’re boundContinue reading “The Lipstick Edit: Muted Purples & Pinks”

How To: Make MAC Saint Germain More Wearable!

Back when I was about 14 I bought my first ever MAC product, Saint Germain Lipstick. This is hands down the most unwearable product I have in my collection but the 14 year old me thought the Barbie look was fabulous! Being one of those people who is reluctant to throw out products, particularly ifContinue reading “How To: Make MAC Saint Germain More Wearable!”