Summer Essentials| Travelling in Style With Cabin Zero!

A few months ago I was sent a backpack from the team at CabinZero to put to the test over summer. The idea behind the bag is that it is the perfect size to use as hand luggage on an aeroplane whilst being so light (only a mere 760g!!) that you can make the mostContinue reading “Summer Essentials| Travelling in Style With Cabin Zero!”

Two In-Shower Travel Essentials! 

I’m currently staying at my grandparents house for a few days and when packing my travel wash bag, I was reminded of a couple of amazing, and beautifully scented, products that I’d been meaning to share with you all! Now I am very picky when it comes to fragrances but eucalyptus and rosemary are twoContinue reading “Two In-Shower Travel Essentials! “

Lip Balms For All Occasions!

Sadly, we’re rapidly heading towards Autumn now and before we know it, the weather will be back to it’s horrible cold, dull days again! If there’s one thing I hate about the colder weather, it’s chapped lips and I thought I’d write a post today to give you my top picks for lip balms toContinue reading “Lip Balms For All Occasions!”

The Budget Eye Brush Set You Have To Get Your Hands On!

So, earlier on this week, my favourite Facebook Page ’10 Ways to Have More Money as a Student, Without Working’ made me aware of a glitch that was happening on Amazon. The glitch was that a 7 piece eye brush set from the company Lamora was on sale from £39.99 to £11.90, and if that wasn’tContinue reading “The Budget Eye Brush Set You Have To Get Your Hands On!”