Author Review |Nick Spalding

I’m back! Long time no see and the dreaded exams are finally over! I’ve got to be honest and say that this exam season felt like it wen very badly, hence why you’ve not heard from me for a while but today I finally made it to the end so it’s back to blogging! AContinue reading “Author Review |Nick Spalding”

Which Liquid Lipstick?! |Blogmas Day 9

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere at the moment and it wasn’t until I checked my collection that I realised I’ve actually tried a fair few! I’m going to be reviewing a few different ones today to help you decide on which one may be the best for you. I’m going to rank them on colour selection,Continue reading “Which Liquid Lipstick?! |Blogmas Day 9”

Worth The Hype? – Too Faced Born This Way Foundation!

I’ve been wanting to try the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation for quite a while now as I’ve seen so many of my favourite bloggers rave about it! I also liked that the colours appeared to come up a tad yellow toned which is great as I have a seriously yellow undertone to myContinue reading “Worth The Hype? – Too Faced Born This Way Foundation!”

The Travel Diaries: Tenerife September 2016!

I thought Sunday required a nice chilled out post so let me transport you to the Canary Islands for a few minutes for some sun, sea and relaxation. I got to spend 8 lovely days in Costa Adeje in southern Tenerife with Tom last month and I wanted to give you some hints and tipsContinue reading “The Travel Diaries: Tenerife September 2016!”

My Favourite Tanning Product Ever?

I’m back from holiday and suitably sad that summer is now officially over! Despite the fact I love Autumn and my birthday is just over a week away the end of summer is always a bit or a horrible marker as it just feels so long until the next spell of summer happiness is cast!Continue reading “My Favourite Tanning Product Ever?”

My New Holy Grail Powder!

Now I have never really bought powders that often. I did more so when I was younger as my skin was oiler but in recent years it is definitely something that has been lacking in my makeup bag. Now in the summer months my skin is oiler so I had been looking to buy aContinue reading “My New Holy Grail Powder!”

Post-holiday Book Recommendation!

Since starting university, I have pretty much stopped reading for pleasure as I just don’t have the time due to all the reading I have to do for my degree. Who could have thought that a finance and accounting based degree had so many books to accompany it?! I do try and keep up withContinue reading “Post-holiday Book Recommendation!”

Current Hair Care Favourites: How I Tame My Unruly Hair!

Before I tell you about my favourite products I had better give you a little overview of my hair type! My hair takes forever to get greasy. I know, I am very lucky! For that reason I literally only wash my hair once every 7-9 days. You may think its gross but if I washContinue reading “Current Hair Care Favourites: How I Tame My Unruly Hair!”