Project Pan| Five things in my makeup bag

We’re only in February but 2019 seems to be the year of decluttering and getting all ‘Marie Kondo’ with your home and can I really call myself a blogger if I don’t jump on the bandwagon?! Since we knew we were buying the house in about March last year, I have been so good andContinue reading “Project Pan| Five things in my makeup bag”

Rimmel London’s New Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation!

Hello Everyone! Long time no speak! I’ve finally found some time to get back to writing a blog post and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the latest Rimmel foundation. Regular readers will probably already know that Rimmel is my favourite affordable makeup brand, with their Match Perfection foundation being one of my favouritesContinue reading “Rimmel London’s New Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation!”

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

You all know about my love of Rimmel bases by now. If you read my post dedicated to bases, it’s clear that both the BB cream and their Match Perfection foundation are some of my favourites of all time. Now the other week, my favourite ever Facebook Page, 10 Ways to Have More Money asContinue reading “Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation”