The Travel Diaries: Tenerife September 2016!

I thought Sunday required a nice chilled out post so let me transport you to the Canary Islands for a few minutes for some sun, sea and relaxation. I got to spend 8 lovely days in Costa Adeje in southern Tenerife with Tom last month and I wanted to give you some hints and tips on where to go and what to do when you’re on the island even. We did nothing but lazing around in the days we were there but i’ve been going back to the same location in Tenerife for about 10 years now so I’ve got plenty of good things to share with you! (Sneaky little fact for you, but Costa Adeje is actually the ‘Isle of Fernando’s’ from Take Me Out for all you fans of the show!)

Where to stay?

We always stay at my Auntie & Uncle’s apartment in the El Beril Complex, however, there are numerous hotels and other aparthotels right near by if that’s more your thing! Just up the road are two lovely hotels from the Riu brand called the Palace and the Arecas. The palace is 5* and the Arecas is 4 so there is some price variation there. There are also some really luxurious hotels in the area such as the Grand Hotel El Mirador which is rumoured to have had Michael Jackson stay in it in the past!

The view from our apartment complex!

What to do?

Playa Del Duque beach is the gorgeous beach in the area and is a really great place to sunbathe, swim or even go crabbing as there are plenty or rocks to scramble over. There is also a little bay where lots of people pop on their snorkel to see what they can see under the waves! You can also hire jet skis or go paragliding from this beach so theres plenty to keep you busy. There are also tonnes of cafe’s and restaurants along here to grab a drink and a bite to eat to avoid the midday sun! If you are more of a thrill seeker then head to Siam Park which has been voted the best waterpark in the world! It has one infamous water slide that is so steep it is almost vertical and takes you through a tunnel where sharks swim above your head through a few mm of glass! If you fancy something tamer or are taking children with you then there is another water park called Aqua Land or you could venture a bit further and go to Loro Parque which is full of animals and birds for you to see. I went here quite a few years ago and absolutely loved it, I will definitely be going here again next time I go!

Off out for a lovely meal! 

Where to eat?

Tom and I enjoyed so many lovely meals just walking distance from our apartment. If you are looking for a quick and cheap bite to eat in the day then head to Taberna Lorenzo they do lovely pizzas and some of the nicest omelettes i’ve ever tasted for something stupid like €5! This place defines cheap and cheerful! If you want a mid-priced meal then try Trattoria Portifino which does gorgeous pizza and pasta and is located just off the end of the beach so it’s really easy to find! The waiters are so friendly and the food was so tasty! If you want to celebrate; have a slightly larger budget or just want to indulge then head to either La Nonna or Rosso Sul Mare. These were amazing restaurants, both with stunning scenery to witness from your table! La Nonna is right by the beach and set on a terrace that allows you watch the sun set from your table. The food was pricier and had smaller portions than other places but it was absolutely delicious! Tom has roast pancetta and I had gorgonzola pasta and they were really high quality! My personal favourite restaurant is Rosso Sul Mare which translates to ‘Red Sea’. It is set in the nearby area of La Caleta and is easily reachable on foot by a 10 minute walk along the beach! It serves gorgeous food and delicious wine and you can enjoy all of this whilst looking out at the waves crashing against the cliffs and the sun setting. It’s beautiful and somewhere I have visited every time I’ve gone over the last 10 or so years.

Fancy a little excursion?

If you want to see another beautiful area then jump in a car and head to Los Gigantes! It is an absolutely beautiful town by the sea that is incredibly picturesque and is great for walks or even hikes as it is quite hilly! This is quite apt seeing as Los Gigantes translates to ‘The Giants’ in english, referring to the mountainous back drop for the resort! There is a lovely marina so make sure you get to visit that if you head that way!

Lizards, and sadly cockroaches, are a very common occurrence in Tenerife, especially in the summer so don’t be concerned if you see them! Tom and I found this little guy on the wall of our apartment, he is now known as Ricky. 

I hope you like my little travel guide to help you out if you decide to head to Tenerife. I don’t know whether it’s because i’ve been going there for so long but it really does feel like a home from home for me and I just relax as soon as I step out of the plane. If you are heading to Tenerife and want any more ideas then just drop me an email. Where’s your foreign ‘home away from home’?

Much Love




Summer Recap 2016!

It’s nearly October so I’ve got to face the fact that summer is over. But I thought I’d send it off in style by recapping all the things I’ve done this summer. It’s been a good one for me in many different ways so I thought I’d put together a small post as a nice reflection of what I’ve done!

Exploring Italy!13422316_10209857668548508_2247247816101997224_o

In early June Tom and I headed off for a little Italian adventure. You can read all about the trip in detail here, but in summary it was a gorgeous mix of sun, sightseeing and ermm… pizza! We visited Pisa, Florence and Milan and got up to some amazing things and saw some beautiful places. Italy truly does hold a special place in my heart so I can’t wait to go back.


I had one of my biggest career progressions to date this summer when I interned with the infamous accounting firm PwC. I spent six weeks working with them, learning more about what is involved in working in the financial services industry. I loved the office I worked in and everyone I met was so welcoming and friendly. I am also pleased to say that I have since been offered a job and will be commencing a full time position next September (once I’ve graduated) as a Tax Associate. I honestly couldn’t be happier and it takes off some of the pressure for my final year at uni!

Discussing the EU!IMG_1718

In August I headed off with ACCA to Brussels for my prize trip to the EU Parliament. It was such an interesting trip and I learnt so much more than I expected to. I wrote a whole post here about my new found love for the city and it’s definitely a place I will return to one day. I even had my first ever trip on the Eurostar and met some incredibly inspiring men and women during the few days too.

Relaxing in Tenerife!IMG_1858.JPG

Tom and I have just got back from 8 lovely days in Tenerife where we did nothing but soak up the sun and swim in the pool and the sea. I’m going to do a post on how lovely the whole trip was and some good places to eat if you are in the area but it was simply pure relaxation! I could go back tomorrow in a heartbeat and the fact that I read 6 books in 8 days surely shows that life really was a beach whilst I was there!

The Extra Little Bits of Goodness!

Obviously I can’t keep mentioning too much as the list will go on forever but here are a few other fabulous things this summer had to offer me:

I could probably keep going for a lot longer but I plan to do a pretty epic post of a similar style to celebrate new year so I might hold a few ideas back for that and perhaps go into some in more detail. I hope you like the idea of this post as I was really keen to reflect on how lucky I’ve been to have such great experiences this summer. I hope you all have too and here’s to summer 2017 being even bigger and better than ever!

Much Love


Two In-Shower Travel Essentials! 

I’m currently staying at my grandparents house for a few days and when packing my travel wash bag, I was reminded of a couple of amazing, and beautifully scented, products that I’d been meaning to share with you all! Now I am very picky when it comes to fragrances but eucalyptus and rosemary are two of my absolute favourites and luckily for me, both these products use that scent! 

First up is the Rituals Hammam Delight fresh eucalyptus and rosemary foaming shower gel. Now I love nicely scented shower gels but this one takes it to a whole new level! I have never felt so clean and it smells divine! You feel like you have walked out of a spa and a tiny bit goes a very long way so this tiny 50ml bottle would easily last a week which is great for when you are flying on a luggage limit! The scent lingers for a while on the skin in a non-obtrusive way and has fast become an essential product of mine! I have bought a full size (200ml I believe) of this to ensure I don’t run out any time soon!! 

The other product I’ve been loving whilst travelling is the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser. This is a lovely refreshing balm cleanser that again has eucalyptus and rosemary inside, along with camomile and bergamot! I find this to be nice and nourishing whilst still taking off all my makeup! It washes off easily and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or dry which is something I have found with other cleansers. Again a tiny bit goes a long way so this 30ml tube will go pretty far for me! 

Using these two products alongside each other have been a real treat and make everyday feel like a spa day! The scents are so refreshing and both products are very high quality and very enjoyable to use! These small sizes make them perfect for travelling but I am tempted to get the full size of the cleanser too so I have both to use together in the long term! Have you tried either of these? If so what did you think of them? 

Much Love 


The Travel Diaries: Brussels August 2016

So last week I headed off to Brussels for 3 days as part of the prize for my Undergraduate of the Year award! Brussels was somewhere that I had never visited before so I was looking forward to seeing what it was like. We also were travelling by Eurostar, again something that I had not done previously so I had no idea what to expect there either! I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone at ACCA (Association for Chartered & Certified Accountants) for organising this trip and making it as amazing as it was – especially Alicia (who I hope will be reading this!!).

It was an early start for me on the Tuesday morning as my train left Nottingham for London at 5:50 am. I wasn’t impressed!! However, I did get to see the sun rise, something that I don’t get to see very often so it made it more manageable! Once in London, I dashed through the station to catch my Eurostar to Brussels and thats where I met Alicia and Daniel. Alicia works for ACCA and coordinated the trip and Daniel is last years runner-up so he got to come along too. I was really really surprised as the Eurostar only took 2 hours to get from London to Brussels and did just feel like any other train but we were clearly going a lot faster!IMG_1650.JPG

Day one consisted of meeting members of staff from the ACCA office in Brussels and also hearing about the European parliament and how it effects the different businesses. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know all about Brexit so the trip really enlightened me as to the consequences of Britains exit from the European Union. After our lunch meeting and chats we headed off to check into our hotel which was the Thon Hotel set in the European Quarter. It was a great hotel that was lovely and modern and had the best buffet breakfast i’ve ever seen! You could even make your own Belgian waffles, which I did every single morning!20160831_100940.jpg

That evening, we headed off to Place Luxembourg for dinner and drinks with two lovely members of the ACCA Brussels office, Cecile and Vikte. This square is set just down from the EU parliament building so is a popular networking place for the professionals living and working in the city. Although I’m not a beer drinker, I was told I couldn’t leave Belgium without trying a Belgian beer! I opted for a Liefmans Fruitesse which was a light fruit beer so wasn’t too overpowering and was a good starter beer for beer haters!! It was very similar to fruit ciders like Rekorderlig or Kopperberg so it was really tasty! We stayed there for hours, soaking up the atmosphere and the sun and enjoying the food and drink until tiredness got the better of us all!

Day two started with a breakfast meeting back in the ACCA office and was swiftly followed by a trip to the European Commission office to find out more about how policies were set. I didn’t realise it can take years to make even a small change and that even then it might not be accepted! It was really interesting finding out more about what goes on behind the scenes as most of us only see what is directly in the public eye.20160831_111610.jpg After that we headed off to the European Parliament building which was perhaps one of my favourite things we did. The building is absolutely huge and has thousands of people from all over Europe working inside. We got to sit in one of the rooms where the meetings take place and I couldn’t get over how big it was! 20160831_130928.jpgThe main thing that struck me was how many translation booths there were inside that room. Obviously everything has to be translated into the many languages of the countries from the EU (I believe there are 24?!) so there are plenty of clever men and women working hard to ensure that happens! We also met a couple of lovely ladies who work for Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) and found out more about what they do day-to-day. 20160831_132437.jpgPolitics is not a career path that I am particularly interested in but hearing abut their jobs did paint it in a completely new light for me! They are so busy and permanently running from one place to the next that it sounded quite exhilarating! Sadly, Brexit has had a negative effect on some of these roles and sadly means that some MEP’s and their colleagues will no longer have a job.20160831_151118 As someone who was a strong supporter to stay in the EU it did make me quite sad that the majority of the country had voted against this fantastic union! IMG_1718.JPG

After our trip to the parliament we headed off to do some more touristy things! We paid a visit to the Magritte museum which was full of the amazing art from René Magritte who was a Belgian artist specialising in surrealism. Now I am not really a lover of art so I was not sure how I would find an art museum, but it was amazing! The surrealism element made the paintings so intriguing and there were clear patterns in the style of his paintings at various stages of his life. I set myself a bit of a challenge to try and come up with an interpretation of each painting but some of them were very ‘surreal’! After the museum we had a wander round the older streets of Brussels in search for the Manneken Pis (Weeing Man) statue. We eventually found it on one of the street corners and couldn’t believe how small it was! It was such a funny little statue but one of the main things you have to see when you go to the city! We spent the next half an hour wandering in and out of chocolate shops being handed samples from the staff. I could definitely have got used to that!! IMG_1674.JPG

Finally it was time for cocktails and Alicia had received a recommendation from Vikte that we should go to La Pharmacie Anglaise, which describes itself as a ‘cocktails and curiosity’ bar but specialises in gin – something that I am incredibly fond of!! The bar itself is incredible. It has all sorts of knick-knacks and jars full of crazy things lining them walls and even a staircase full of Hendricks Gin bottles!IMG_1662.JPG There’s also a fantastic balcony level that overlooks the bar too. We all had different cocktails with Alicia opting for a Tropical themed cocktail, Daniel a rose flavoured one and me a berry and sage concoction! They were some of the best cocktails i’ve ever tried and really set the scene for the rest of the evening! We headed off to dinner after that at the delicious Les Petits Oignons which was a delicious french restaurant! I had a amazing truffle pasta dish and we drank some of the best wine I have ever tasted! It was a lovely meal and we all headed back to the hotel very full! IMG_1666.JPG

For our final day, we had no set plans so we decided to try and see as much as we could on foot to make the most of our time in Brussels. We headed straight for the palace as this was something we all wanted to visit. It is actually free to enter so we spent a while wandering the grand hallways and marvelling at the tapestries! It’s definitely worth a visit if you have a spare hour in Brussels!20160901_115328.jpg We spent the next couple of hours wandering round the shops and taking in the atmosphere. We had a bite to eat and then decided that we wanted to find the other famous statue in Brussels, the Jeanneke Pis (Weeing Girl). There was clearly a bit of a theme going on with these statues! This was even funnier than the first one and was set in an even more obscure place – down a small side street opposite a restaurant!!IMG_1677.JPG Sadly, we were fast running out of time so we started to make our way back to the hotel to grab our bags. On the way we did manage to fit in one more sight which was the beautiful Notre Dame De La Chappelle which is a gorgeous church in the centre of Brussels. It was as beautiful inside as outside and made a great end to our trip!20160901_141235.jpg

All good things come to an end and it was time for us to head home on the Eurostar! I was so pleased I got to see such a beautiful city and I would love to see more of Belgium in the future. One thing that did really stand out for me was the fact that there were a lot more women than men doing these kind of jobs. It was incredible to see so many fantastic ladies in such powerful jobs and was something I found incredibly inspiring! Thank you again to ACCA for making the trip possible and to Alicia and Daniel who put up with me for three days! Bits of this post may be distributed by ACCA so don’t panic if you see it somewhere else! Have you been to Brussels before?

Much Love


The Travel Diaries: Italy June 2016

So this month Tom and I were lucky enough to jet off for 8 days in Italy to mark the end of my exams! We love Italy having visited Venice last year together and I visited Rome a couple of years ago. The food, the people an the scenery guarantee a beautiful and memorable trip. This time around we decided to try and visit a few places in the same trip and settled for Pisa, Florence & Milan. Thankfully the weather was on our side and I thought I’d share with you what we got up to!

We started our holiday in Pisa having both always wanted to see the Leaning Tower! The weather was absolutely beautiful for the first few days and we spent our time strolling the streets and taking in the atmosphere. The Leaning Tower itself is pretty impressive and is a hell of a lot more wonky than you would think! It is about 15 feet out of plumb and leans at an angle of approximately 4 degrees so its seriously leaning! Of course Tom and I had to do the stereotypical ‘holding up the tower’ pose so I’ll share mine with you below!13422316_10209857668548508_2247247816101997224_o.jpg

On our second day we headed over to Florence for a little sightseeing tour. Tom is a huge fan of vintage cars, having renovated his own Classic Mini so when we saw a driving tour of Tuscany in a Vintage Fiat 500, we knew that was the one for us! I absolutely adore driving but I’d never driven either abroad or a vintage car so it was quite exciting yet nerve wracking to give it a go! We had a fantastic tour guide Jimmy who chatted to us whilst we drove and told us all about the scenery that we were driving through. I was first to drive and I loved it! It was so weird to drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road and the double clutch took some getting used to! We stopped at some absolutely breath taking spots the provided gorgeous views over both Florence and the whole of Tuscany. It was beautiful! Tom, of course, loved it and was in his element driving down the narrow roads in an old car. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that loves driving or even if you just want to really see a lot of Tuscany in a short space of time. I think there was the option to have the guide drive the whole way if you weren’t too keen but that was one of our favourite parts! 13391448_10209857918034745_1976218114899642276_o13403110_10209857794871666_2583303341282123804_o

Our final day in Pisa was sadly very very rainy so we just took it easy and watched a film. It was still lovely though as we had both been incredibly busy leading up to the holiday and needed a break! The next day we headed back to the train station but this time to travel to Milan! We wanted to see a different side of Italy and Milan was definitely it. It is so chic and stylish and very different to anywhere else in Italy. We stayed at the LaGare Hotel near the central station and it was absolutely beautiful! It is reasonably new and no expense has been spared when creating it! Our favourite part was the incredible spa that took over the bottom floor and it was just the most relaxing way to spend an evening!13391521_10209857916834715_2301915322983212211_o.jpg

We spent our days in Milan wandering the streets, eating Gelato and exploring the beautiful shops. We took a long stroll round one of the parks in the city and were surprised to see turtles swimming in the ponds! Now that’s definitely something you don’t get to experience in the UK!! We of course took a wander down to the Duomo and took in all the beautiful historical sights. We actually walked all the way to the top of the Duomo and got fantastic views over Milan. 13415499_10209886409507014_8886484321943335573_o.jpgThe building itself is really very beautiful and a must see if you are in the area! We also walked through the main shopping centre marvelling at the expensive treats we could have picked up had we had the money! 13418602_10209886319624767_2312567515721407508_o

As ever, all good things have to come to an end and we had soon reached the end of our trip. Italy will always hold a large place in our hearts and we have plans to visit Lake Garda next year if possible as we have heard that that is stunning! That’s going to be it for the travel diaries for a while until I head to Belgium in August. There is potentially a trip to Amsterdam in the pipelines with my friend Emily again, however this is completely dependent on my funding situation!! I hope you have enjoyed this post! Have you been to any of these wonderful cities? What did you think of them?

Much Love


P.s all photography credit goes to Tom who is a thousand times more talented with a camera than I will ever be! I’m grateful though as we get beautiful images that will last us a lifetime!

The Travel Diaries – Canada April 2016

Here is part two of my travel diaries from my trip to the states and Canada! Yesterday’s post was part 1 so make sure you check that out too! So after our final day in New York, Emily and I headed to JFK to hop on a plane to Buffalo. The plane journey was only an hour but it was a tiny plane with only two seats on either side of the aisle! For someone who dislikes flying, an hour was definitely long enough for me!

The whole purpose of our trip to Buffalo was to visit Niagara Falls and we actually stayed at the Marriott hotel which is situated right on the edge of the falls. I would definitely recommend the hotel if you are planning on staying a night there. The rooms were really spacious and ours had an absolutely incredible view!! IMG_0630.JPG

The view from our hotel room!

The actual falls are pretty breath taking and the sheer volume of water is really hard to comprehend until you are actually there! Something I didn’t realise is that there are actually 3 falls along the same section of the river and each have a different name. You can go on a boat ride right up to the falls but it was -5 and snowing whilst we were there so we gave that a miss. We did walk as close as you can get to the water though and watched the gallons and gallons of water crash on to the rocks below. It is both scary and relaxing at the same time!!


The next day we headed to our final stop of the trip, Toronto. Don’t ask us why we picked there we just looked at what was the closest on the map and decided to explore whilst we over there! By this point we were exhausted though and spent the last few days leisurely wandering around and just relaxing. I’ve got to be honest and say that I didn’t like Toronto as much as I have heard other people do. I found that it wasn’t too different to a lot of main cities and after New York it was quite quiet!

We did fill our days well though and managed to cover a lot of the city on foot from the University at the top right down to the lovely harbour. If I were to go again I would quite like to go to the islands though as we didn’t make it to those whilst we were there as it was quite chilly. One of the crucial components of the Toronto skyline is of course the CN Tower. This was something I had wanted to tick off me to-see list for a while! IMG_0653.JPG

We spent quite a few hours wandering around the huge shopping mall that is the Toronto Eaton Centre. This is huge and full of great shops. I was very disappointed that the new Nordstrom and NYX were not finished when we were there but my bank account was quite happy about that! There is also a huge food hall down on the bottom floor which will suit every tastes as there is cuisine from all around the world there! For me this was the easiest and cheapest way to eat whilst we were there. We even tried the traditional Poutine which was honestly so delicious! I want them to bring those things over to England so I can keep eating them!!!

Finally after 3 days in Toronto it was time to begin the long journey home and fantasise about the next trip I would go on. That was coincidentally the trip i’m on right now, there will of course be a travel diary coming up in the future for Italy too! I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Much Love


The Travel Diaries: New York – April 2016

New York is a city that I have been dreaming about ever since I was a little girl and earlier this year I was finally able to pay it a visit. I’ve split the holiday into two posts as it will be the longest post ever if not. So, I was lucky enough to spend 6 nights, 5 days in New York with my friend Emily (who I visited Prague with at Christmas) and we managed to cram so much into those days! If you want to see what I bought when I was over there, then make sure you check out my haul post hereIMG_0515.JPG

Where did we stay?

We stayed at the Mansfield hotel of 5th and 44th west. This was such a great central location for us and we managed to get around to everything we wanted to visit with ease. The hotel was a little pricey but it was the best we could find in that sort of range. New York hotels in general are incredibly expensive so this wasn’t too bad overall. It also has a really nice restaurant that we went to one night and the general feeling of the hotel was warm and inviting.

What did we get up to?

It would probably be easier to say what didn’t we do! The first day we spent most of our time shopping and getting a feel for the city. Emily had visited New York before so she had a rough idea how to navigate us around. Having said that after about an hour, the grid layout of the city is really easy to pick up, even for people who get lost in their own town like me! We sat and had a lovely lunch in central park as the weather was beautiful and just shopped as much as we could. We took a stroll down broadway and made sure we got a real feel for Times Square too. IMG_0523.JPG

On day two we had already planned a trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We caught the metro downtown and paid a visit to Wall Street and the 911 memorial at the same time. I didn’t appreciate the size of the memorial until I saw it first hand. The sheer size of the water falls and the amount of names on it is incredibly harrowing and brought back the many memories of watching the news that day in 2001. I can’t imagine how sad that site would be if you knew a victim from that event! Onto slightly happier sites, we hopped on the boat across the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty! It is so much larger than I first thought and we even managed to climb all the way to the top of her crown despite the very narrow winding stair case! Our tickets also included a trip to Ellis Island, the New York immigration centre. To be honest, we both found this a little boring as there was not a lot inside and neither of us knew anyone who emigrated to the states. I would imagine it would be an awful lot more interesting if a member of your family went through that process as it’s within your own heritage. IMG_0548.JPG

Day three consisted of the only other trip we had booked in advance and this was the Natural History museum! If like me you are a massive fan of Night at the Museum then you will be slightly disappointed at how unlike the movie it is! However, it is still an incredibly interesting place and full of amazing creatures and artefacts that will keep you occupied for hours! Lucky for us it was that day that it rained so it was a perfect way to pass the morning. Make sure you see Dum Dum from the movie though whilst you are there! In the afternoon we walked down Madison Avenue and checked out all the designer shops! I couldn’t help but buy a little something fro Kate Spade but if I had the money, a pair of Valentino Rock Studs would have been coming home with me!!IMG_0561

Day four was our day for general sight seeing but we started our day with a typical american breakfast at a diner! We ate at Pershing Square which was a lovely place to eat breakfast directly opposite Grand Central Station! I felt like we in the movies as it was exactly how I had pictured an american diner! Their blueberry pancakes and maple syrup were absolutely gorgeous and so was their fresh orange juice! We took a trip downtown to walk along the highline which is a walk set up on old rail tracks. It was a really nice way to avoid some of the hustle and bustle of the city and just get some fresh air!IMG_0585.JPG We also checked out the Met and the famous Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central park! In the early evening, we headed up the Rockefeller Centre to watch the sun go down. The sights up there were beautiful and the queues were a lot shorter than those at the Empire State Building! It was nice to get the Empire State in our pictures too and the views over central park were gorgeous! IMG_0621.JPG

We split up for our final day as we each had something we wanted to do. For me, it was to take a trip over to New Jersey to visit Carlo’s Bakery. Now I am a huge fan of the TLC show Cake Boss and I couldn’t resit visit their flagship bakery and trying a cannoli! I was not disappointed and seeing the bakery first hand was really exciting for me! In the afternoon we met up again to enjoy our final spot of shopping before heading off to Niagara Falls the next day! I will continue our trip in another post but I hope you have enjoyed this first instalment! IMG_0584.JPG

Much Love