Update: Why I’m Returning Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes Mascara! 

It actually breaks my heart to write this post but I am returning my legendary lashes mascara! If you’ve read my original post you’ll be wondering why I’m sending it back as I absolutely raved about it, however after prolonged use one major issue came to light that I wanted to share with you all!  IContinue reading “Update: Why I’m Returning Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes Mascara! “

Winning An Award & Getting a Puppy?!

Hi guys, I thought it was time for another little life update. I have to say that so far, 2016 has been one of my most successful and fun years to date! It really has started with a bang what with securing my internship and finally heading over to the states! I wanted to writeContinue reading “Winning An Award & Getting a Puppy?!”

A quick update!

Hey Guys! First of all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year! We had a lovely time in our house, however, as per usual it has all gone by way too fast for my liking!! I wanted to give you a little update as to what I’ve been up to as IContinue reading “A quick update!”

Little Life Update!

I honestly cannot believe that it has been a week since I last posted! Ideally I want to post everyday but clearly that is just not happening at the moment!! I thought I would do a short little post to let you know what’s been going on and to explain why posts may be aContinue reading “Little Life Update!”