What’s On My Birthday Wishlist?

So it’s my birthday 3 weeks tomorrow and I was starting to think of what I would actually like to put on my wishlist. Safe to say a few hours later I had a small list with one ridiculously expensive item on it and a few other goodies. Standard. So I thought i’d share thoseContinue reading “What’s On My Birthday Wishlist?”

What’s On My Current MAC Wishlist?

In the last year I have gone from liking MAC to borderline obsessing over it. The struggle is really real guys! It seems like I am permanently surfing their site and adding things to my favourites which basically is requiring a bottomless pit of money and is highly unrealistic. However, it’s always good to haveContinue reading “What’s On My Current MAC Wishlist?”

My MAC Shopping List For New York!

Now, I cannot believe I am saying this but it is now less than 2 weeks until I go to New York and I am so so excited! I have dreamt of going to America, particularly New York, since I was a little girl and I can’t believe that dream is finally going to comeContinue reading “My MAC Shopping List For New York!”

Starting My Christmas Wishlist…

I’ve decided to log my Christmas wish list here on my blog this year as I always find things that I want and the forget what they were! This way I can keep a track of things I’ve had my eye on and share it with you guys! Here are the things that have madeContinue reading “Starting My Christmas Wishlist…”

A Whole Lot of Cleansers!

I’ve been on a bit of a cleansing hype recently, particularly for ones that I can use to remove both my eye and face makeup. I have used face wipes to take my makeup off since I first started wearing makeup and I had never really thought anything of it until I got older, myContinue reading “A Whole Lot of Cleansers!”

What’s In My ASOS Saved Basket: Shoes & Bags

Since writing my WishList post yesterday and seeing RavishingRoses¬†ASOS post, it got me looking at what’s in my ASOS saved basket. At the moment there are more shoes and bags than anything else as I am going through a bit of a phase with them, so I thought I’d do another ‘wish list’ style postContinue reading “What’s In My ASOS Saved Basket: Shoes & Bags”

The April Wish List

I thought I’d write a quick post this evening on 5 products/items that I am just desperate to get my hands on this month. I’ve seen so many wish list posts that are spurring me on to buy more items, that I thought I’d create my own little wish list! ASOS Cigarette Trousers – ¬£28.00IContinue reading “The April Wish List”